2018 Dragbike.com BAMF – Year 5

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Year 5

Here we are, the 5th year of the Dragbike.com BAMF program, and so much has changed. In 2014 when we started the program, we had five sanctions (32 events) eligible for the program. For 2018 we now have seven sanctions eligible, giving racers 47 events to potentially earn points, not including the NHRA divisional races.  We are sad to say the Southeast Dragbike Racing Series will not be putting on any races this year, we saw a lot of potential in this series, and we hope to see them return in 2019. Bikes in the Valley has grown for 2019 with the addition of a third track to their schedule. Their growth in the Northern section of the states has been great to watch, and we are excited to see Atco Raceway on the schedule this year.

New for 2018 is the I-65 South Dragbike Racing Series running at Huntsville Dragway, Music City Raceway and Ohio Valley Dragway. When John Markham called us about this series, we were all in with supporting them. This series will encompass some existing events that we have wanted to include in the BAMF program, but couldn’t because of our rules system. Immediately this series had a lot of great sponsors supporting it, and we are excited to give sportsman racers more potential at earning points.

Jeremy Teasley

Over the winter we had a lot of racers contact us about suggestions or ideas for changing the rules. It took us well over a month to go through and give each suggestion its due diligence. (Thank you, Ben Knight, for your help!)  If you sent us an e-mail, we took it seriously. We used the 2017 results and re-ran them based on everyone’s suggestions. But with all the different ideas that were offered, the outcomes were still almost the same. So we do feel confident that we have the best possible set of rules in place.

Dustin Lee has won this award the last three years, and love him or hate him, he put the work in to win. And that’s what you have to do when you want to be the best. In 2014 when we started BAMF, Jeremy Teasley, Ron Arnold, Ben Knight and Bob Carlson, ran hard for this award and it came down to the last race and last pass of the year to determine a winner. What you may not realize is, that year, Dustin Lee finished 29th in points. He told us over the winter he wanted the title and thought he could win it.  And in 2015 he did just that, and has slaughtered the competition for the last three years. You can’t deny it, that is a BAMF!

This past weekend Man Cup’s season opener went off kind of sluggish with a full day of rain shutting down racing for Saturday. Despite that, a great showing of sportsman racers claimed the first 10 spot for the Dragbike.com BAMF. Ricardo Marte had a great weekend winning 11 rounds in two tough classes, Top Gas, and Pro ET. He has a two-point lead over the rest of the weekend winners, but this will change in the next few weeks as all the other sanctions put on their first race of the season. This weekend some of the toughest racers in the country will head to Atlanta Dragway for the NHDRO season opener, and this list will change dramatically.

Ricardo Marte

We do want to make a suggestion to our sportsman racers. Last year we saw an increase in events not being finished. Due to weather or curfews,  racers or the sanctions were opting to split purses over finishing. Please fight to have your class finish its race at the next event or the next day. We saw a lot of points being left behind not only in BAMF but also in the sanction’s points system. Every point counts when you are running for a championship. So please think about that before you get down to four bikes and decide let’s just split the purse and go home. We want to see winners in every class, every race. Otherwise whats the point? #icametowin

Lastly, this program’s CASH payout comes directly from our sponsors and we can’t thank them enough for their support! Last year Platinum Fleet Repair posted a $1,000 bounty on our points leader that would go to another racer if they were able to win the title at the end of the year. That money has been rolled over and is now part of the 2018 fund. Dan Rudd with MPS Racing, who was the first on board to support this program in 2014 is back with a contribution of $500! Schnitz Racing, Rob Bush Motorsports, Interstate Specialties, NHDRO and XDA are all in for $250 each. Web Cam is back with a $100 contribution, bringing the total to $2,850.00 – We are just shy of a 3K,  but we have a goal of $3,500 this year and have no doubt we will raise the extra cash for our 2018 BAMF champion.

Good Luck to everyone this year, and if you need Dragbike.com decals to qualifying, send us an e-mail to bamf@dragbike.com and we will send them out to you free of charge.


Last update April 11, 2018

** Dustin Lee is officially retired from BAMF and is not competing in 2018. His name is on the list as an official record for history only.**

POSRiderPointsWinsR/UEvent Tracking
1Ricardo Marte42Man Cup 01 TG W PET W
2Stephen Knight 311NHDRO 01 SET W C8 RU
3Dustin Lee (15-17 BAMF)311NHDRO 01 C8 W SET RU
4Jeremy England21NHDRO 01 SF W
5Jeremy Teasley (2014 BAMF)21Man Cup 01 SC W
6Roy Johnson21Man Cup 01 SF W
7Eddie Doherty21Man Cup 01 C8 W
8Ed Ruffin21Man Cup 01SET W
9Garreth Sheppeard21NHDRO 01 PET W
10Dusty Brazel22Man Cup 01 SET RU C8 RU
11Harvey Hubbard11Man Cup 01 PET RU
12Stanley Russell11Man Cup 01 SF RU
13Sam Hurwitz11Man Cup TG RU
14Shawn Welch11Man Cup SC RU
15Vince Hileman11NHDRO 01 SF RU
16Doug Fisher11NHDRO 01 PET RU

2018 Dragbike.com BAMF Sponsors

The DBC-BAMF Cash Reward is funded 100% from our sponsors. Please support the companies that support your sport.

Platinum Fleet Repair
Contributing $1,000.00


MPS Racing

MPS – Motorcycle Performance Specialties
Contributing $500.00

Rob Bush Motorsports
Contributing $250.00

NHDRO No Hatin Racing

Contributing $250.00

Schnitz Racing

Schnitz Racing
Contributing $250.00

Interstate Specialties

Interstate Specialties Services
Contributing $250.00

Contributing $250.00

Web cam shafts

Web Cam Racing Cams
Contributing $100.00



Total Payout $ 2,850.00

2018 Dragbike.com BAMF Rules and Information

DBC-BAMF points are earned by final round appearances of any event listed within our schedule below. In the effort to keep the point tracking simple and fair, “BAMF Points” will be awarded based on a formula that involves the type of event, event size and national recognition. Competitors of sanctioned events listed below do not need to do anything to sign up for the program, we will automatically reward points throughout the season to winners and runner-ups at events on the DBC-BAMF schedule. At the end of the year, points will determine the DBC-BAMF Sportsman Racer of the Year.  See additional rules below.

SANCTIONED EVENTS – Win: 2 – R/U: 1 – Champion:4

I-65 SDRS / 4.60 – TG -SC (7 events)

AMRA  / TE – SG – SP – PE – SE – E – OS – HS – D (8 events)

Bikes in the Valley / PET – SET – 9B (8 events)

XDA / TS – C8 – 4.60 – 5.60 – PET – SET (6 events)

MAN CUP / 4.60 – TG – SC – C8 – SF – PET – SET – VT (5 events)

NHDRO / 4.60 – TG – SC – C8 – SF – PET – SET (7 events)

PMRA / TG – SC – SG – SS – PET – SET (6 events)

NHRA Harley-Davidson Series  / HS – PG – SEP

NHRA Divisional Champ and NHRA Race of Champions Winners

Division 1 – Division 7  – Win: 3 R/U: 2

NHRA Year End Pro Bike Champion – Win: 5

Track Championship – Win: 3 (Any U.S. Track)


  • CASH – Winner Take All. There is no second place BAMF. (Splitting is frowned upon.)
  • Dragbike.com will be providing the champion with a one-of-a-kind Trophy created by COLD HARD ART


  • All classes must have a minimum of 16 bikes to earn points for that event.
  • All classes that have 8 or more rounds of competition will earn the winner and runner-up a bonus point.
  • Year-end series champions also earn 4 bonus points.
  • Participants MUST have the Dragbike.com decal on their bike to be eligible for prizes, photo proof required. E-mail us your address if you need them.
  • In the event of a tie for the top spot, we will then take into consideration the following criteria, series championship(s), event wins and how many different classes the racer has garnered points in.
  • Track Champions are responsible for emailing us notification of their championship along with proof to bamf@dragbike.com. Track points programs must be well documented all year on the track website.

Questions/Comments should be sent to bamf@dragbike.com


2015-2017 Champion – Dustin Lee


2014 Champion – Jeremy Teasley