BAMF : Mid-Season Bounty Placed on Dustin Lee

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Mid-Season Bounty Placed on Dustin Lee

Platinum General Services & Kopac Fleet Repair, but what do they have to do with the most talked about sportsman motorcycle drag racing program in history? These two New Jersey based businesses have been the title sponsor of the highly competitive BAMF program for the last three years. Platinum General Services (PGS) is a commercial construction company overseen by Ralphie Navarro and Kopac Fleet Repair is a commercial trucking repair and maintenance facility overseen by Saul Navarro.

Both Ralphie & Saul are avid motorsports fans, from motorcycle land speed racing and drag racing to off road riding with friends and family. Thrill, speed, power, are just a few of the things that flows through the Navarro brother’s bloodline. When Ralphie first heard about the newly created BAMF competition, one which was to determine the nation’s best sportsman motorcycle racer he was immediately intrigued. So much so that he decided to have PGS sponsor the second & third years of competition with a very generous contribution to the winner’s purse.

This year, it was Kopac Fleet Repair stepping up to the plate with a title sponsor worthy donation to the winner’s fund. With many racers having their own large tow vehicles (and some even larger trucking related businesses) it was a great fit for Kopac Fleet Repair and another amazing contribution to the sport that we all love dearly, motorcycle drag racing.

Ralpie and Saul Navarro

Ralphie Navarro had this to say, “I love the sport of motorcycle drag racing and I thoroughly enjoy watching the pro classes, like Top Fuel, Pro Stock, & Pro Street. Those racers and classes get a lot of spotlight and for good reason, they spend the big bucks and race the fastest and quickest machines. But, the sportsman racers also spend their hard-earned money without as much spotlight. That’s why I’ve been so supportive of this program, even if our businesses are not directly tied to the sport. This program spotlights the racers and gives them a great year-end bonus. I’m hoping more motorcycle oriented businesses step up and boost the program every year.”

As racers, these sponsors know the expense to compete for championships.

The BAMF competition has without a doubt brought out an unseen level of competition since its inception and has certainly encouraged racers to get out and race more. For the last two years, the man to beat has been Dustin Lee. Well, for the third year in a row, he is still the man to beat half way through the racing season. Platinum General Services is now offering an incentive to anyone who can dethrone the two-time champ with a $1,000 bounty put directly on Dustin Lee. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the program since its inception and Dustin is one hell of a racer, but I felt like we needed to light a fire with the competition and honestly who doesn’t like the idea of more money,” said Ralphie Navarro.

“If Lee pulls off a triple championship for the third year in a row, the $1,000 bonus will roll into the 2018 BAMF program. Someone will get this cash being posted by Platinum General Services,” said owner Brandi Neithamer. “We are excited for the BAMF program to be in its fourth year and very thankful for all the sponsors that support the program. We’re looking forward to an exciting finish to the season, especially with the added incentive of the bounty.”


Last update July 20, 2017

POSRiderPointsWinsR/UChampEvent Tracking
1Dustin Lee (BAMF 15/16)518105Man Cup 01 PET W - NHDRO 01 PET RU - C8 W - SET RU - NHDRO 02 SC W - C8 RU - SET RU* - IDBL 02 PET W* - PET RU* - NHDRO 03 C8 W - NHDRO 03 PET W* - NHDRO 04 PET RU - NHDRO 04 SC W - IDBL 03 TS RU - IDBL 03 SET RU* - NHDRO 04 SC RU - NHDRO 05 C8 W - NHDRO SET C8 SC Champ - IDBL 04 TS RU - IDBL TS Champ - IDBL SET Champ
2Ben Knight24741NHDRO 01 SET W - NHDRO 01 C8 RU - NHDRO 02 SC RU - NHDRO 02 SET W* - BIV 01 SET W - NHDRO 03 SC W - NHDRO 04 PET W - NHDRO 04 C8 RU - BIV 04 SET W- BIV 05 SET W - NHDRO 06 SET RU* - BIV SET Champ
3Bob Carlson2062BIV 01 9B W - BIV 02 SET W - BIV 04 PET W - BIV 05 9B W - BIV 05 PET W - BIV 9B Champ - BIV PET Champ
4Jeremy Teasley (BAMF 14)18342NHDRO 02 TG RU - IDBL 02 560 W - IDBL C8 RU - Man Cup 04 SC W - NHDRO 05 TG RU - NHDRO TG Champ - IDBL 05 560 W - IDBL 05 C8 RU - IDBL 560 Champ
5John Markham16441NHDRO 01 SF W - NHDRO 01 SC RU - NHDRO 01 SET RU - NHDRO 02 SF W - NHDRO 03 SF W - NHDRO 04 SF W - NHDRO 04 SET RU - Man Cup 04 PET RU - NHDRO SF Champ
6Stephen Knight15431NHDRO 02 SET W - IDBL 03 C8 W - Man Cup 04 PET W - Man Cup 04 PET RU - NHDRO 06 SC RU - NHDRO 06 SF RU - IDBL 05 SET W - IDBL C8 Champ
7Scott Delong1414SDRS Final SC W - SDRS SC Champ - Gainesville PB - SPB Champ - NHRA Div 2RU
8Bill Rowe Jr12321AMRA 01 E RU - AMRA 04 PE W - AMRA 04 SP RU - AMRA 06 E W - AMRA 07 SG W - AMRA E Champ
9Ron Arnold1042NHDRO 01 SC W - Man Cup 04 C8 W - Man Cup 04 SET RU - NHDRO 05 C8 RU - NHDRO 05 SF W - NHDRO 06 SF W
10Boo Brown1021IDBL 02 460 W - IDBL 04 460 W -IDBL 05 460 W - IDBL 460 Champ
11Pablo Gonzalez10221Man Cup 01 SET W - Man Cup 03 SET RU - Man Cup SF RU - SDRS Final SET W - SDRS US Champ
12David Doremus1012AMRA TE - SP Champ - AMRA 07 SP W
13Wes Brown941NHDRO 02 C8 W - NHDRO 03 SC RU - NHDRO 04 C8 W - NHDRO 05 SET RU - NHDRO 05 SC W
14Kevin Winters8122AMRA 04 PE RU - AMRA 06 SE RU - AMRA 06 PE W - AMRA SE PE Champ
15Eric Cooper821NHDRO 01 PET W - NHDRO 02 PET W - NHDRO PET Champ
16Jerry Turner812NHDRO 04 SET W - Bristol Track Champion - NHRA DIV 2 ROC
17Dale Hamilton821IDBL 05 PET W - IDBL 05 PET W - IDBL PET Champ
18Spencer Claycomb723NHDRO 02 SET RU - Man Cup 02 SET RU - Man Cup 03 SET W - Man Cup 04 SET RU - NHDRO 06 C8 W
19Jeremy England731NHDRO 01 SF RU - NHDRO 04 SET W - NHDRO 05 TG W - NHDRO 06 PET W
20Donnie Huffman731AMRA 01 SE W - AMRA 04 E RU - AMRA 04 SP W - AMRA 06 SE W
21Bradley Shellhaas63NHDRO 02 PET W - NHDRO 03 TG W - NHDRO 04 TG W
22Joe Deck613NHDRO 03 TG RU - NHDRO 03 PET RU* - NHDRO 04 PET W - NHDRO 06 TG RU
23Kevin Adams63IDBL 02 C8 W - NHDRO 06 TG W - NHDRO 06 SC W
24Nelson Lugo621SDRS 01 SET RU - SDRS Final SET RU - SDRS SET Champ
25Dan Aberg611SDRS Final SB W - SDRS SB Champ
26Nick Bowling Jr611SDRS Final PET W - SDRS PET Champ
27Mike Schulz621IDBL 02 PET W* - IDBL 02 C8 RU - IDBL 05 SET W
28Kevin Winters521AMRA 01 PE RU - AMRA 03 E W - AMRA 04 SE
29Gary Russell412SDRS 01 US W - Man Cup 01 PET RU - BIV 02 PET RU
30Ken Thiedemann411IDBL 02 SET RU* - BIV 02 PET W
31Mac McAdams411IDBL 02 TS W - IDBL 03 PET RU*
32Tylan Beckelheimer42NHDRO 05 SF RU - NHDRO 06 SET W*
33Chase Morris41NHDRO Pro Ultra Champ
34Andy Horn41AMRA SG Champ
35Vance Houdyshell41SDRS VT Champ
36Ricardo Marte41SDRS TG Champ
37Garreth Sheppeard42NHDRO 05 PET W - SDRS Final SET W
38Jon Tisdale42BIV 05 SET W - BIV 05 PET W
39Ben Gartner411PMRA Sept SET W - PMRA SET Champ
40Jon Haney41PMRA Pro ET Champ
41Brad Smith41PMRA Super Gas Champ
42Josh Pilcher41PMRA Super Street Champ
43Chad Townsend41PMRA Super Comp Champ
44Phil Snare41PMRA Top Gas Champ
45James Farmer42IDBL 03 TS W - IDBL 04 TS W
46Jeff Tisdale311BIV 01 PET W - BIV 04 PET RU
47Rick Eaton31Bradenton Track Championship
48Mike Konopacki311Man Cup 01 SC W- SDRS 01 SC RU
49Brian Guarino31IDBL 02 SET W*
50Darrell Mahoney31IDBL 02 PET W*
51Jim Underhill31NHDRO 03 PET W*
52Nick Stewart31NHDRO 03 SET W*
53Brandon Teasley31NHDRO 03 SET W*
54Micahel Herman Sr31IDBL 03 PET W*
55Shayne Proctor31IDBL 03 SET W*
56Mitch Pennington31NHDRO 05 SET W*
57Kyden Mann31NHDRO 05 PET W*
58Tayler Lairson31NHDRO 05 SET W*
59Dean Moore21SDRS 01 PET W
60John Upgrove2SDRS 01 SET W
61Leo Barrero21SDRS 01 SC W
62Roy Hagadorn21SDRS 01 SB W
63Glenn Sutton21AMRA 01 E W
64Sharon Dubois21AMRA 01 PE W
65Heather Baldi21NHDRO 01 TG W
66Kjersty Stowers21NHDRO 01 PET W
67Cody Combs21NHDRO 01 SET W
68Chris Roelse21Man Cup 01 SF W
69Clark Proctor22Man Cup 01 SET RU - C8 RU
70Wade Smith21Man Cup 01 C8 W
71Craig Adams21Man Cup 01 TG W
72William Cruz21Man Cup 01 SET W
73Rick Eaton21Man Cup 01 PET W
74Bruce Damewood21NHDRO 02 TG W
75Greg Malllett21NHDRO 02 PET W
76DD Mahoney21IDBL 02 SET W
77Michael Herman Jr21IDBL 02 SET RU*
78Derrick Milbourne21IDBL 02 PET RU*
79Courtnee Mcartney21NHDRO 03 PET RU*
80Mike Turman21NHDRO 03 SET RU*
81J Resatar21NHDRO 03 SET RU*
82Tim Jordan21AMRA 04 E W
83Scott Sheppeard22NHDRO 01 PET RU - NHDRO 04 SC RU
84Robin Procopio21Man Cup 03 PET W
85Dalton Markham22NHDRO 02 PET RU - NHDRO 04 PET RU
86Kenny Cornnell21IDBL 03 460 W
87Jeremy Brown21IDBL 03 560 W
88T Mason21AMRA 04 PE W
89D Smith21AMRA 04 SE W
90Homer England21NHDRO 05 PET RU*
91Michael Ostrowski21BIV 04 9B W
92Terry Mason21AMRA 06 PE W
93Kevin Mathews21BIV 05 9B W
94Brian Dale21Man Cup 04 SET W
95Broderick Jackson21Man Cup 04 460 W
96Jason Herron21Man Cup 04 SF W
97Ted Harvey21Man Cup 04 PET W
98John Fernandez21Man Cup 04 SET W
99Travis Kotz21NHDRO 05 SET RU*
100Bob Bradley21BIV 05 SET W
101D Higgs22AMRA 07 SP RU - AMRA 07 PE W
102Troy Phillips21AMRA 07 E W
103Mike Chongris22IDBL 03 460 RU - IDBL 05 460 RU
104Courtlan Whiting22IDBL 03 560 RU - IDBL 05 C8 RU
105Eran Pielert11IDBL 02 460 RU
106Jay Windsor11IDBL 02 TS RU
107Travis Wood11IDBL 02 560 RU
108Kevin Gaunt11AMRA 03 E RU
109Carl Cicchetto11BIV 01 SET RU
110Ben Fish11BIV 01 PET RU
111John Hastings11BIV 01 9B RU
112Keith Correia11BIV 02 SET RU
113Jeff Smith11NHDRO 3 SF RU
114Kenneth Selner11NHDRO 03 C8 RU
115Keith DeShields11AMRA 04 PE RU
116T Lunning11AMRA 04 SE RU
117Bobby Holland11Man Cup 03 PET RU
118Scott Mulkey11NHDRO 04 SET RU
119Dusty Bargo11NHDRO 04 SF RU
120Dave Page11NHDRO 04 TG RU
121Dan Corbosiero11SDRS 01 PET RU
122Stanley Russell11SDRS 01 US RU
123Chris Roelse11SDRS 01 SB RU
124James Garey11AMRA 01 SE RU
125Mike Wagner11NHDRO 01 TG RU
126Jerry Rios11Man Cup 01 SF RU
127Pete Chongris11Man Cup 01 TG RU
128Chad Aquino11Man Cup 01 SET RU
129Kelly McDaniel11Man Cup 01 PET RU
130Ed Hughes11Man Cup 01 SC RU
131Kenny Smith11NHDRO 02 SF RU
132Scott Kauffman11NHDRO 02 PET RU
133C Sutinen Jr11AMRA 04 SE RU
134Ron Legault1BIV 04 9B RU
135Joe Stein11AMRA 06 E RU
136Kim DeShields11AMRA 06 PE RU
137Dave Nadeau11BIV 05 SET RU
138Tom Galligan11BIV 05 9B RU
139Rich Koepel11BIV 05 PET RU
140Nick Johnson11PMRA Sept SET RU
141Tony Mullen11Man Cup 04 460 RU
142Shawn Welch11Man Cup 04 SC RU
143Dusty Brazel11Man Cup 04 C8 RU
144Eric Griffith11Man Cup 04 PET RU
145Darrell Carmichael11NHDRO 05 PET RU*
146Cameron Teasley11NHDRO 06 C8 RU
147Chad Isley11NHDRO 06 PET RU
148Scott McGrath11BIV 05 9B RU
149Ron Blake11BIV 05 PET RU
150Ashon Dickerson11BIV 05 SET RU
151Jason Fernandez11SDRS Final SC RU
152Anne Richter11SDRS Final SB RU
153Mike Moore Jr11SDRS Final PET RU
154Chris Hall11SDRS Final SET RU
155Thomas Edwards11SDRS Final PET RU
156J Glaze11AMRA 07 SG RU
157N Carnahan11AMRA 07 W RU
158Dave Cornnell11IDBL 05 560 RU
159Carol Craft11Man Cup 04 PET RU
160Steven Shriver11IDBL 04 460 RU

2017 BAMF Sponsors

The DBC-BAMF Cash Reward is funded 100% from our sponsors. Please support the companies that support your sport.

Kopac Fleet Repair
Contributing $2,000.00


MPS Racing

MPS – Motorcycle Performance Specialties
Contributing $500.00

Rob Bush Motorsports
Contributing $250.00

NHDRO No Hatin Racing

Contributing $250.00

Schnitz Racing

Schnitz Racing
Contributing $200.00


MTC Engineering
Contributing $100.00

Web cam shafts

Web Cam Racing Cams
Contributing $100.00

Knight Marketing Group
Contributing $100.00


Total Payout $ 3,500.00

2017 BAMF Rules and Information

DBC-BAMF points are earned by final round appearances of any event listed within our schedule below. In the effort to keep the point tracking simple and fair, “BAMF Points” will be awarded based on a formula that involves the type of event, event size and national recognition. Competitors of sanctioned events listed below do not need to do anything to sign up for the program, we will automatically reward points throughout the season to winners and runner-ups at events on the DBC-BAMF schedule. At the end of the year, points will determine the DBC-BAMF Sportsman Racer of the Year.  See additional rules below.

SANCTIONED EVENTS – Win: 2 – R/U: 1 – Champion:4

AMRA  / TE – SG – SP – PE – SE – E – OS – HS – D

Bikes in the Valley / PET – SET – 9B

IDBL / TS – C8 – 4.60 – 5.60 – PET – SET

MAN CUP / 4.60 – TG – SC – C8 – SF – PET – SET – VT

NHDRO / 4.60 – TG – SC – C8 – SF – PET – SET

PMRA / TG – SC – SG – SS – PET – SET

SDRS / TG – SC – SB – US – PET – SET – VT

NHRA Harley-Davidson Series  / HS – PG – SEP

NHRA Divisional Champ and NHRA Race of Champions Winners

Division 1 – Division 7  – Win: 3 R/U: 2

NHRA Year End Pro Bike Champion – Win: 5

Track Championship – Win: 3 (Any U.S. Track)


  • CASH – Winner Take All. There is no second place BAMF. (Splitting is frowned upon.)
  • will be providing the champion with a one-of-a-kind Trophy created by COLD HARD ART


  • All classes must have a minimum of 16 bikes to earn points for that event.
  • All classes that have 8 or more rounds of competition will earn the winner and runner-up a bonus point.
  • Year-end series champions also earn 4 bonus points.
  • Participants MUST have the decal on their bike to be eligible for prizes, photo proof required. E-mail us your address if you need them.
  • In the event of a tie for the top spot, we will then take into consideration the following criteria, series championship(s), event wins and how many different classes the racer has garnered points in.
  • Track Champions are responsible for emailing us notification of their championship along with proof to Track points programs must be well documented all year on the track website.

Questions/Comments should be sent to


2015/2016 Champion – Dustin Lee


2014 Champion – Jeremy Teasley

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