They Call Me F@st Andie

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They Call Me F@st Andie

So, who’s blond, weighs in at around 95 LBS, brands her nickname with an @, and today announces her presence into the uber quick and competitive world of NHRA pro stock motorcycle? Time’s up, allow us to introduce you to Kissimmee Florida’s own, “F@st” Andie Rawlings.

“I have to tell ya’, the road less traveled can be at times, well, challenging. However, it’s on that road where the friendships I’m now experiencing have been forged which has lead me to this part of my journey. I’m pumped about having this opportunity to race a 200 MPH pro stock motorcycle on the NHRA 2017 north American tour. You’re invited to come along for the ride” stated F@st Andie.

Born and raised close to Sturgis South Dakota, Andie always remembered the sights and sounds of motorcycles rumbling down the highway on their way the annual Sturgis rally. That experience gave birth to a desire to race and then into the world renown Star Racing school where Andie’s desire became reality, well sort of…

“I believe it’s fair to say that the Star Racing school exposed my inexperience and lack of personal discipline that it takes to drag race a motorcycle. I did not really know who George Bryce was or of the incredible history behind Star Racing and the school. Needless to say I failed and failed again before Mr. Bryce felt comfortable enough to sign off on my professional racing license. Remember that less traveled road I mentioned earlier? Thank you for your patience Mr. Bryce” states Andie.

Sturgis South Dakota is also where the nickname “F@st” came from. “I love the smell of burning rubber. I know that statement may sound odd coming from a 95 LB woman, but it’s true. A friend invited me to do burnouts in the Buffalo Chip burnout pit, I won and was tagged “F@st Andie” on that night. I can’t exactly remember who gave me the name, but that’s where the nickname came from” said Andie.

While at the 2016 Performance Racing Industry tradeshow, Andie was introduced to NHRA legend Greg Underdahl of Fast Lane Sports Racing. “After meeting Greg in Indianapolis, I sensed that we may be able to work together. Greg spoke different from any other race team owner that I have met in the past. In the end, we were able to put a deal together. As I said earlier, I’m really pumped about this opportunity to race with Mr. Underdahl” stated Andie.

Fast Lane Sports Racing will field a five pro stock motorcycle team, three girls, two guys with Fast Andie Racing plans including racing in 10 selected NHRA pro stock motorcycle events on the 2017 north American tour.

You’re invited and can meet “F@st Andie” Rawlings on March 16th (1PM – 3PM) for NHRA media day at the NHRA Amalie Oil Gatornationals at Gainesville Raceway in Gainesville Florida. Other special team announcements are scheduled for March 16th, we hope to see you there!

*For more information regarding Fast Andie Racing please visit our Facebook page at and on Twitter@fastandieracing More info coming soon!

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