Coverage from the Scenic City Rumble at Brainerd Motorsports Park

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Scenic City Rumble
Brainerd Motorsports Park, Ringgold, GA
October 14, 2017
words and photos by Jamie Millholland

Scenic City Rumble

This past Saturday, Sonny Vick put on a motorcycle race day with the help of sponsors, Thunder Creek Harley Davidson, Suzuki/Yamaha of Dalton and Millieumin Trailers. Held at the renewed Brainerd Motorsports Park.

There were 4 classes. Heads up Bagger (with rules), 5.60 index, Street ET and Pro ET. I believe I heard 76 tech cards entered.

This race brought out some of the absolute best drag racers from all over the Country. I can’t begin to name them all, and well, I’m partial to my teammates. Fun For All Motorsports had a helluva a showing.

Ron Arnold “The Professor”, multiple time champion.
John Markham, “Spooky”, multiple time champion.
Wes Brown , also has championships.
Brian Dale , leading the points in a Pro series in Street ET going into the final race.
Bud Calhoun , a seasoned veteran and always a threat.
Randall Cross brought “The Bracket killer ” and anther zx14. Cross is a threat nationwide as well.
Warren Eldred “OG Rider ” is one of the most dedicated racers I know.
Russell A Justus “Dr Justus” came to preform surgery on his beautiful Busa.
Jerrion Norwood , on his lethal zx10r, impressed me EVERY round.

I could type on, yet I will still forget some well-deserved names. I just wanted to clarify a few as when I say we had some of the best racers in the country, those are household names. I don’t care what track in any state, these guys always bring home money.

StevenAmy and Ron had the track prepped and working great. They have really turned this track back into a top-notch operation.

Shakedown runs proved this was going to be a dogfight. Wes Brown on his Fun For All Motorsports and Melanie Stanley sponsored bike, set the bar as he took his street 07 gsxr1000 down the track to click the clocks at 5.27 at 138.

Meanwhile, The professor, Ron Arnold’s, Fun For All Motorsports and Modern Automotive Busa was printing tickets like clockwork at 5.64. Putting him in perfect position for 5.60, Street ET and Pro ET.

Brian Dale on his self-sponsored Hayabusa was also clicking off 5.60’s all day, proving to be a threat.

John Markham brought 3 bikes. Sponsored by Fun For All Motorsports, Millieumin Trailers, Ray Marcini machining, and trust me when I say, he had all 3 bikes dialed in. His talent to jump from a bar bike to a no bar bike within minutes proved Spooky still has the skills.

Randall Cross on his Cross Performance sponsored zx14’s fought some nasty wheelies (Check out Jason Cole’s photo at  ColePhoto.Net ).

The shakedown runs set the stage for the fans and racers.

1st round Street ET, Wes Brown told me he was going to dial a 5.20 and go after the fastest 60 foot and fastest pass, which had bonuses. He dialed in a 5.20, and was on such a pass, he literally lifted the throttle and sat up at the 594′ cone, coasting thru to take the round win with a 5.22!!!! Off the gas!

There was so much else going on I can’t remember at this moment, but I want to hit the highlights.

The Professor met Spooky 1st round setting up a true Bowling Green Kentucky “Horse race”. It was the 5.60 index class and you could feel the excitement in the air. 2 of the absolute best in the country going head to head 1st round. And there was no disappointments to the spectators.
The Professor got the jump with a .002 to a .014 react, but Spooky ‘s calm demeanor didn’t let that get in his head. He turned the burners up, kept his head down running his race, and The Professor made a very rare mistake giving Spooky the stripe. I think it was a 5.64 (off the gas) losing to a 5.62 for Spooky. What a drag race!

Brian Dale would continue to advance in all classes as his bike seemed to be on a rail. He got the bye in Pro ET for best reaction, as it couldn’t come at a more perfect time. That same round he had the bye run in 5. 60 index, and it also couldn’t have come at a better time as neither pass would his bike shift out of first gear…. Setting his problems for the day, which ultimately led to getting him beat due to bike issues.

Bud Calhoun had 2 of his Busa’s there, yet fought gremlins with “The Mistress ” and never getting a clean pass, ending the day early for the Mistress. Yet, the gen 1 busa he threw together in a mere 3 days went rounds, I believe into the semis.

The Professor, Ron Arnold had to shake off the close loss to teammate John Markham and get his head back into the game for Pro ET and Street ET. He did just that going rounds, losing in the semis to Teammate Wes Brown in one class I believe, and losing to Randall Cross in the other class in the semis. A VERY rare early exit for Ron Arnold.

Warren would take his old school GS, from Mississippi to the semis, breaking out by a mere 3 thousandths of a second.

Norwood on his Pumpkin zx10r was doing work, knocking riders out left and right in Street and Pro ET. I was very impressed with his riding skills and professionalism as he held his composure, finally getting taken out late in the rounds of both classes.

Randall Cross made the drive for blood. He set his sights on The Professor, John Markham and Wes Brown like he had a bounty on Fun For All Motorsports/ Team DRR. And he was chopping heads. He lost in Pro ET after fighting a big wheelie, although like a professional, he cleared his mind and regrouped for Street ET. Which he set a dominating performance and taking the win in that class against fellow Pro racer Wes Brown.
John Markham. Spooky. THE MAN OF THE DAY, PERIOD. John brought 3 bikes with intentions of doing damage, and trust me when I say, HE DID JUST THAT.

Spooky WON 5.60, semi-finalist in Street ET and WON AND RUNNER UP (yes, you read that right) in Pro ET. Out of a full field of toughest competitors in the country, the 2 bikes he double entered in Pro ET, both made it into the finals.

Thanks to ALL the racers that traveled in. Thanks to all the sponsors. Thanks to Sonny Vick for setting this race up and dedicating his time to bring motorcycle racing back to Brainerd.

RACERS, please do me a favor. Check out the photos from Jason Cole at and support our local photographer that dedicates SO much time and effort to capture moments we all race for. Even if you PayPal him $10, that would be awesome. He stands in the heat, he sits in awkward positions, constantly trying to get the best pictures possible. His time is “free” as he dedicates it away from his family and daughter. It cost him gas money, food, etc as he is always there from start to finish.

Thanks to BMP for entrusting Sonny to put on this race. Thanks to everyone for coming out. I’m looking forward to next year, Lord willing I’m still healthy enough to be out there. I am ready.

Until Next Time

 – Jamie Millholland

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