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2013 Motorcycle Drag Racing Series US 19 Dragway
Thursday, January 17, 2013

The 2013 Motorcycle Series will include Star Racing Top Gas, Cooper Performance Ultra Street and MPS E.T.

Star Racing Top Gas will be a 5.10 index, all run field and have an entry fee of $125. The purse will be progressive with an unlimited payout based on total entries. Initial guaranteed payout of $2,000 total purse with a minimum of 8 bikes. For each additional 2 entries, the purse will increase by $250 and progress upward.

Cooper Performance Ultra Street will be a 5.90 index and have a $45 entry fee. Ultra Street will have an established payout of $500 winner, $300 runner-up and $100 semi with a 20 bike minimum.

MPS E.T. (no box) will have a 20 bike minimum for established payout and progressive payout to a maximum purse of $1,800. Entry fee for this class is $60. Any bike configuration can run in E.T. No use of delay boxes, crossovers or any other electronic component that would allow an opponent’s E.T. to be entered. Simply, “Old School Racing,” dial in your time and race.

All entry fees will include bike and rider. The Motorcycle Program will be augmented with 4 heads-up Car Classes, including 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0.

Special only for the November race, Super Comp (5.60) will be an additional class, sponsored by The CSRA Drag Bike Association.

All races will be held on Saturday for the following dates:

March 23 - June 22 - August 24 - November 30

All races will be held at U.S. 19 Dragway, Albany, Ga. Complete event details to follow. For further information, contact Doug at 229-881-1571.

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