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Manufacturers Cup : Winners from Exoticycle Season Opener
Monday, April 08, 2013

Manufacturers Cup

Exoticycle Season Opener
Bradenton Motorsports Park
April 5-7

Top Fuel - Sponsored by PR Factory Store
Winner: Larry McBride
Runner-up: Chris Hand
#1 Qualifier: Larry McBride 3.857 in the 1/8

Pro Comp - Sponsored by APE
Winner: Billy Vose
Runner-up: C.D. Watson
#1 Qualifier: Billy Vose 4.188
in the 1/8

Pro Street - Sponsored by Orient Express
Winner: Joey Gladstone
Runner-up: Frankie Stotz
#1 Qualifier: Frankie Stotz

Pro Dragster
Winner: Kirby Apathy
Runner-up: Dale Niles
#1 Qualifier:
Kirby Apathy 7.145

Real Street - Sponsored by Shinko / WPS
Winner: Johnny 'Turbo' Dobrin
Runner-up: Steve Holmboll
#1 Qualifier:
Johnny 'Turbo' Dobrin 7.88

Top Gas - Sponsored by Star Racing
Winner: Tony Mullen
Runner-up: Tim Hunt
#1 Qualifier: Mike Moore Jr. 8.209

Crazy 8's - Sponsored by World Wide Bearing
Winner: Bob Carlson
Runner-up: Shane Cunningham
#1 Qualifier: Brandon Pellichino 8.885

Super Comp - Sponsored by MTC
Winner: Nick Bowling Jr.
Runner-up: Johnny Bailey Jr.
#1 Qualifier: Don Richter 8.906

Street Fighter - Sponsored by Tiger Racing
Winner: Donald Black Jr.
Runner-up: WalterHougtaling
#1 Qualifier: Roy Johnson 9.50

Pro ET (Sunday)- Sponsored byMPS
Winner: Roy Hagadorn
Runner-up: Bob Carlson

Street ET (Sunday) - Sponsored by Muzzy
Winner: Donald Black Jr.
Runner-up: Don Horta

Street ET (Saturday) - Sponsored by Muzzy
Winner: Bob Carlson

Additional Results and Photos to follow.

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2013 Season Schedule

April 5-7
Exoticycle Season Opener
Bradenton Motorsports Park

June 21-23
Southside HD / HTP Performance
Virginia Motorsports Park

August 16-18
Summer Celebration
Indianapolis Motorsports Park

November 8-10
Haltech Finals
Bradenton Motorsports Park

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