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Texas Motorcycle: Results from 6/8
Monday, July 14, 2008


Saturday Nite Under the Lites at the fabulous Texas Raceway on June 8, 2008, saw some mighty powerful racin’.  I want to acknowledge and thank our Harley Nitro Top Fuel sponsor of Bennett Racing, pilot/owner Scott “Hotrod” Bennett.  Other thanks to the other sponsors:  Attorney Hank Bauer, Skunk Dots Biker Magazine, TMFC Racing Team, and the Fas Coonass Racing, Randal Andres. “Hotrod” Scott is out of Dallas and is sponsored by Fun Factory Events, Maxxius Machine, Energy One Performance Clutches Racing, American Cycle Company, Amsoil, Nungesser Engineering. The track was alive with motorcycles from Nitro to alcohol to sport bikes to crouch rockets…along with a couple altered cars.  There was new track records set and heartache at the starting line.  We witnessed heros and then zeros within 6 seconds and sixty feet.

There were some mighty, bad-ass Nitro-snortin’ Harley top fuelers struttin’ their stuff.  I like to say, “Stylin’ & Profilin’” to be the winner for this fine evening of fun and stiff racin’ competition.  The last pair to be pitted against each other was Jocko versus Iron Dog.  New Ulm, TX’s Zack Sayre of Iron Dog Racing is a contender that Jocko had to reckon with-at the line.  Both bikes and pilots were brought to the entry of the burnout box…pilots slowly and intentionally put their gloves on, their helmets on…while steadily looking over each and every part of their monster that they were fixin’ to straddle down the track.  Even the littlest, minut item out of perfect alignment or just being attached loosely means that their life is on the line.  These bikes are their pilots destiny-either good or bad outcomes.  A monster machine to respect and love. Now is the time for both pilots to attach their kill switch and crank up the muscle.  Jocko always says a little pray. They both mount their steeds, the ground starts rumbling under our feet, and the noise of thunder can be heard to Chi-town.  Everyone on the track at this moment in time are either loving to be in these racers leathers or are scared s…less.  The two of them are fixin’ to enjoy the greatest felling/rush of life in six seconds…a lifetime of smiles rolled into seconds.  Just imagine you in their boots…going close to 180 mph in an eighth mile…with no control of your front wheel ‘cause it is off the ground…the only thing keeping you from flipping backwards are your little-bitty wheelie-bars.  Let’s get back to the starting line, both pilots have jumped out of the water box with bellows of tire-smoke, deafening engine-monster noise, nitromenthane being throwed every where, and that’s the first twenty feet.  Now we have the seriousness starting between them, the fun-playing is over.  Both warriors get on the line, helmet lids go down, butt-waggin’ goes on to get the right spot, and the tunnel-vision begins.  It seems like forever but just seconds past as the Christmas tree lites fall, the racers focus/concentrate on the lites as they eagerly participate their up-comin’ ride of a lifetime.  Lites turn green, in a blink of an eye, smoke bellows, thunder happens with the crack of the throttle, off they go…Iron Dog develops mechanical problems. The number one top fuel winner to take first place for the day was out of Garland, TX, the “Intimidator” Fletcher “Jocko” Mitchell.  He’s sponsored by Dallas H-D, Phillips Garage in Waxahachie, TX, Ace Powder Coating, H-D of Dallas, Amsoil, and Energy One Performance Clutches.  He and his crew have had a “dry” spell as far as winning but now …the race is on!!!    

We had an unexpected treat happen on the track…Charlie Machado raced against Captain Chrome-Paul Jones on Harley Pro Fuel bikes.  Charlie has  raced with DRAGBIKE, PROSTAR, B.N.I.OFFICIATED BY S.C.T.A., AMRA, IDBA, AHDRA, HDRA, TEXAS SCOOTER TIMES PARTY DRAGS, and was an active member and insured by AMA. He broke 3 world speed records at The BONNEVILLE WORLD SPEED TRIALS and re-broke 2 of his own records in the same speed week (that’s 5). Charlie has set some track records in drag racing and held national records.  He’s raced on gas, alcohol, nitromenthane.  For the best of any of these, is his love for CHRIST and the people who have supported me. His notoriety is world known.  Charlie Machado is "The Worlds Fastest Mexican" (on a motorcycle, that is).  Quite a resume, huh?  On this nite, he’s piloting Jimbo Knight’s fueler out of Louisiana.  This pair was going to do the best out of three battles-two out of three.  Captain Chrome has quite a lengthy racing history in his own rights.  Paul built his own bike out of his parts and left-overs that were laying around.  After two rounds on the track, they ended up with one win for each.  The last round was the deciding match.  These racers were perfect as a dueling pair-they were such evening matched that no one could have predicted who would finally win… However, “The World’s Fastest Mexican” kept Captain Chrome to take this win.  Can’t wait to see them again together!!!

The Harley Top Gas saw some fast, vicious, exciting racing.  Drop Dead Fred Racing’s Terry Teague of Galveston made his opponent work for the win by laying an et 6.864 at 103.83 mph.  The winner out of Garland, Bill Flaherty laid an et 6.568 at 107.75 mph.

Since this was an eighth mile track, we had a mixed-bike bracket A ET race with dial-ins below 6.99. First place winner was Keith O’Neil of Fort Worth TX.  Runner-up was Marion Edward of Plano, TX.  For the mixed-bike bracket B et race with dial-ins over 13.00, the first place winner was Tom Smith of Wylie, TX and runner-up was Paul Davidson of Houston, TX.


CLASS E     Tom Smith                                 7.743        87.45
CLASS F           Denny “Dinky” Davis          7.064       94.87
CLASS FF         Marc Oivreloeil  18
CLASS JJ    Max Key                                     7.714       90.21
CLASS MM     Dean Shayna                          7.821       90.51
CLASS O    Dale Houston                              7.898        87.78
CLASS P    Larry “Redeye” Stice                7.879        90.09
CLASS PP   Michael Majeska                       7.300       92.09
CLASS U   Barry Fitzgarald                         7.658         87.91
CLASS VRCH         Terry Teague               6.527       107.63
CLASS W       Alex Hughes                          5.434       122.76
CLASS WM     David Lee                            6.367        110.15
CLASS Y      Ronnie Barnes                        6.009       118.01
CLASS YM          Eddie Gray  
CLASS Z           Lloyd Stenerson

Then we take each class winner, ask them for their dial-ins, and last man/woman standing wins KING OF CASH.  The winner saw Ronnie Barnes of Dallas, TX with runner-up David Lee of Denton, TX.  Through the nite he was sharing his bike with Steve Henderson of Odessa, TX.  Next race is at Ben Bruce Memorial Raceway Park in Evadale, TX on August 2, 2008.  For more info or call 281-689-9557.

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