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2007 Pingel Thunder Nationals Gallery
Saturday, September 22, 2007 Matt Polito

Pingel Thunder Nationals
AMA/Prostar Drag Racing National Championship
August 4-5, 2007 Indianapolis, IN

Photo Highlights By Matt Polito,

Mike Coulson had the cabable help of brother Mark and Bruce Sauer in snagging his first Funybike win.

The Army team of Angelle Sampey and Antron Brown made some exhibition test runs at Indy, just a few miles from their Don Shumachaer Racing headquarters.

Gary Clark (right) and Rick Stetson STILL hold the Funnybike ET record.

TT Jones burned it up during the first session of Pro Mod qualifying. He re-wired the bike, took the tree to get it in the field and ended up going to the final.

EVERYBODY is trying to get Franco’s ear. Some are trying to get IN Franco’s ear.

Vance & Hines (and former Larry Dixon) crewman Anthony Vanetti rented a Pro Stock ride from Gary Tonglet. He qualified sixth but went out in round one.

Ron Holt was the logical choice to help Darrien Guillory to the Pro Mod win. Because they both know how to smoke the competition? No, Ron already had the purple shirt!

John Gainey does a little last-minute fix-up on the Dave Vantine Pro Mod in the staging lanes. What is the difference in this secene from 1997? The bike is red, his hair is grey and there is no girls.

Prostar’s Scott Valetti gives the restart order following the surprise road course for Super Street and Real Street.

Franco, Grip, Eric, Mark, CJ and Rudy. CJ had the best car.

Prostar Tech Director Joey Wilhite is the keeper of the tickets during grudge racing. A good man to know!

The win light comes on in Korry Hogan’s lane in the Top Fuel final and.. the… crowd.. goes… wild. At least the Dryden crowd anyway. Mike looks like he is going to kiss Valetti. McBride crewman Roland Stuart stands stoically in the foreground.

Adam Konopacki was so excited at his dad’s win his nipples got hard.

Mark McKinney made some shakedown passes on his Pro Mod Vette. Good looking car.

It was a big party in the Top Fuel winner circle. Sexy bald men rule! …or at least the girls tell me that.

NHRA runner Tom Bradford made a rare Prostar appearance worthwhile, qualifying the Sportsman Channel bike number one and making the final.

Justin Douchet had some of the best wheelstands in the wheelstandin’ Real Street class.

Chris Cason ran his ZX-14 in both Super Street and Real Street, swapping out nitrous systems between classes.

Kawasaki’s Coby Adams checks the track as Rickey Gadson gets ready for a lap.

There is a lot of blue in the house as the Velocity Racing team watches Barry make a lap in Pro Stock.

Larry McBride saw a perfect season escape him with a final round loss to Korry Hogan.

With the technical disqualification of Jeremy Teasley, Kenny Poppell becomes the favorite in the SuperSport championship chase.

The Indy quarter mile is named “6.06 Trett Blvd.” at Prostar events in honor of the late Top Fuel legend Elmer Trett and his incredible 6.06 second blast – more than a tenth quicker than the all-time best at the time – at the 1996 Pingel Thunder Nationals. Trett would lose his life two weeks later in a top end accident during an exibition at the NHRA US Nationals. He never saw the displayed copy of Prostar Report.

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