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Paint the 1/4 Pink: Marisol Sconiers
Thursday, April 05, 2012

Paint the 1/4 Pink

Paint The 1/4 Pink Charity Race For Breast Cancer

“Paint The ¼ Pink” is a charity all female motorcycle drag race to raise money for “The Breast Cancer Research Foundation” that will be held July 21-22 at the MIROCK Bike Fest.

In July of 2011 the race track temperature was over 100º, ten women dressed from head to toe in their race leathers competed in the first Paint the ¼ Pink Event with nothing to gain from it other than the satisfaction of supporting an event for Breast Cancer Awareness. Some of the ladies selflessness was evident; they came from near and as far as Florida, and Atlanta just to show their support! Whitney Grant was crowned the 1st Queen of the ¼ Pink that stifling day in July. Fast forward to January 2012 after numerous contacts via telephone and e-mail the ¼ Mile will be painted Pink once again. On July 21st-22nd, 2012 some of the fastest females in Drag Racing will be competing in the 2nd annual Paint the ¼ mile Pink event to be held at the MIROCK Bike Fest in Budds Creek, MD

With this years’ event we would like to take time to get to know the extraordinary women that will be competing. Each week we will highlight a different lady and provide a brief insight into the individuals past, present, and future goals.

This week we feature : Marisol Sconiers

My name is Marisol Sconiers aka Queenisis. I am a single mother that races motorcycles. I am the owner & racer of Queenisis Racing. I have been drag racing motorcycles since 2004 for Darkside Racing. My 1st official race was an semdra race in 2005 and the rest is history. I have competed in some local races, AMA Dragbike races, Semdra races throughout my 8years of racing. I currently now currently looking for sponsors to keep racing motorcycles.

Future ambitions : To win my 1st championship

Gear : 2006 Kawasaki ZX10R

Goals for this season : To touch more motorcyclist and attend as many races I can.

Why are you part of this event : My best friend died of breast cancer & both my aunts to cancer, they are the reason I am still racing today. Win or lose I will be racing for them.

For updates on this years’ event and or the racers go to: Facebook or YouTube: Paint the ¼ Pink . If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this event or making donations please contact

Daryle Sykes

Paint the 1/4 Pink

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