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Kosman Garage Sale
Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Kosman Specialties is having a blowout clearance/garage sale.

Kosman Specialties, the world-renowned dragbike chassis builder for over 30 years, is having a garage sale. We are cleaning out our attic and storage rooms and have come up with all manner of motorcycle components that have to go. Whether you are a chassis builder, hobbyist racer or someone just looking for some cool garage art, we have something for you.

Parts and pieces include:

New Pro Stock Suzuki frame - 42 1/2" crank to axle distance
Perfect for Top Gas $4500

Turbo KawasakiFfunny bike frame with bodywork. Used but rebuilt.
1980’s style like Terry Kizer rode at 6.88 at over 200 mph
A gift at $1500

Late 70's Kawasaki B/G frame and bodywork. First true production dragbikes. Vintage but like new. Like pictured above.

Pro Stock chassis in a box – a complete (we think) set of tubing needed to construct a Pro Stock chassis. Cut and mitered ready to be welded together.

Non-inverted, trailing axel forks used on Pro Stock bikes $650/set

All sorts of chassis fabrication components – call to see what we have

All sprockets and disc brakes (all current bolt patterns). 33% off

New BST 3.5 x 17 carbon fiber front wheel for Hayabusa $1250

Lots of deals on forks, wheels and other parts. Marchesini, Marvic, etc

Kosman Specialties
7706 Bell Road
Windsor, CA 95492


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