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Hawaya Racing Announces Nitro bike Rider’s School
Friday, September 03, 2010

Right on the heels of perfecting Hawaya Racing’s innovative Pro Dragster motorcycle package, Johnny Vickers has announced the first ever rider’s school for nitromethane burning drag bikes.

“The racetrack is a busy place and not always the best environment for learning the ins and outs of riding and tuning a nitromethane burning Pro Dragster,” says Vickers. Johnny is offering a two-day curriculum that will cover everything from the basics of drag racing and the mental/concentration aspects right through to basic tuning and riding technique. It is an opportunity for those transitioning into nitro racing to have an organized and controlled environment for really learning the sport.

Two Derringer powered Pro Drag bikes will be provided by Hawaya Racing and will be tuned and made ready for each phase of the school by their capable staff. Each phase, from proper cranking and shutdown procedures, burnout, launch and full runs will be analyzed and critiqued by Johnny and fellow students.

The first school is set for October 6th and 7th in Rockingham, NC. This will afford capable riders the opportunity to participate in the AHDRA test and tune session on Friday leading up to the AHDRA/Jim McClure Nationals at Rockingham Dragway on October 9th and 10th. With the Hawaya staff and AHDRA Officials on site, successful completion of the class will entitle participants to their AHDRA Pro Drag license.

AHDRA’s Craig Tharpe said, “I think it’s the perfect combination. Johnny has developed a pretty much bulletproof Pro Drag machine and now he is providing riders the chance to learn from the experts before being thrown to the wolves as they compete at their first event. We have needed this for a long time. Nitro racing is complicated and confounding even to the veterans of the sport. While a 7 second 170 mile per hour motorcycle is a handful for anyone, Pro Drag is our entry level into nitro racing and I wish more competitors would start here and grow as their abilities mature.”

Johnny is limiting the class size to 10 riders and needs at least 6 to make a successful school. The deadline to enroll for this fall’s class is September 27th. Don’t delay enroll today! The plan is to continue the school for 2011 with a spring and fall session to be announced.

For enrollment and pricing contact:
Johnny Vickers at Hawaya Racing, 336-973-5078 or

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