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Gary Clark to Build Race Cranks
Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Gary Clark to Build Race Cranks

Four-time AMA/Prostar Funnybike champion Gary Clark has announced he has started a crankshaft building business, Clark Race Cranks. The business will complement the crankshaft business of long-time teammate and crew chief Rick Stetson, owner of Harry’s Machined Parts (HMP) in Northboro, Massachusetts.

Clark will be building Suzuki GS and Kawasaki KZ racing crankshafts for Funnybike, Pro Mod and Sportsman motorcycles. In addition to custom orders he will stock Kawasaki and Suzuki crankshafts for Funnybikes and Pro Mod bikes. Clark will scale back his Automotive Body Repair business to focus on the crankshaft business.
“I wanted to get more involved in racing than I have been recently and I really enjoy machining and welding so it was a perfect fit,” said Clark.

Stetson noted that he is helping Clark get started in the business but will not get completely out of the market himself. “I taught Gary how to build cranks my way,” said Stetson, who himself won three NMRA Pro Comp championships in the 1980’s. “I will still build cranks for some long-time clients but I will be referring most of my new business to Gary. I see my shop focusing more on late-model high-performance so this was a great opportunity for Gary to get started.”

Clark and Stetson teamed up in a Funnybike effort in 1996 and were unquestionably the dominate team of the time, winning championships in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2000 with a total of 26 national event titles. Clark last raced in 2002 and still holds the AMA/Funnybike elapsed time record with his astounding 6.45 recorded at the World Finals in 2000.
The crankshaft business will complement his motorcycle fuel system business started in 1998. Gary Clark Fuel Systems provides complete, bolt-on, turbo and fuel systems for injected alcohol Funnybikes. Clients include AMA/Prostar champion Korry Hogan, SEMDRA champion Travis Davis and Tim Borrall who ran the fastest-ever speed on a small-tire bike at 206 mph.

For more information on Clark Race Cranks or Gary Clark Fuel Systems, contact Gary at 515-289-1734.

Clark Race Cranks
6620 NE 17th St.
DesMoines, IA 50313

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