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Lake Erie Racing Team Report
Monday, July 13, 2009
Unfortunately, Lake Erie Racing has had two disappointing first-round losses since I last updated you. In Norwalk, OH on June 6 - 7, Chris Streeter qualified number four with a 6.888 at 198.76 MPH. Not a performance to write home about, but enough to put him in the middle of the pack. Unfortunately, in the first round of eliminations against David Poague Chris red-lit and lost the round. The bike had a stutter at the line in any case, and the pass would not have been strong enough to beat Poague's time of 6.728 at 212.49 MPH regardless. Rick Moore made his way up the other side of the ladder to take the Norwalk win against Randal Andras in a Finals where both bikes broke. In an exciting, smoking, banging, slow-motion Finals, Moore won with a 7.807 at 138.54 MPH to Andras' 7.811 155.58 MPH!

Meanwhile still in Norwalk, in the Top-Fuel competition riding Don Johnson's bike for the first time, Chris got down the track in the first round of eliminations with a 6.849 at 183.87 MPH. That was not enough to beat Tommy Grimes' 6.717 at 181.72, but it was nonetheless pretty satisfying seeing as it was only Chris' second full pass on the Top-Fueler. We are looking forward to seeing what he can do on that bike as he gets used to it and as DJ dials in the tune-up.

In Kansas City on June 20 - 21, the temperature was pushing 100 degrees by Sunday, with several race delays due to heat-related medical problems on the part of racers. Adding to the heat, the race was cut to 1/8th mile for the nitro categories, because the shutdown area was deemed unsafe at top speeds. Chris again qualified in the middle of the pack at number five, with a 4.454 at 165.16 MPH. Racing Dana Meeks in the first round of eliminations, the tree activated but the timers failed to work, and so we did not get a time for the pass. The AHDRA officials ruled a re-run on the pass, but the bike was stuttering severely again. That fact combined with the knowledge that in all fairness Meeks had clearly won the pass, timers or no timers, convinced Chris not to go up to the line for the re-run. Dana went down to Douglas Horne in Round Two, with Horne smoking the tire in the finals and giving up the race win to Randal Andras who won with a 4.542 at 166.14 MPH.

Our next race is centrally-located in beautiful Bristol, TN, so I hope to see a lot of sponsors and fans out at the track. We have plans to replace the fuel system and change the throttle cable setup in order to put this stuttering problem to rest once and for all. Hopefully we will have a chance to test and be ready to go at Bristol on August 8 - 9, 2009.

Once again, I am working on gradually getting the web site up to date, so please help out by emailing me any good pictures you may have:

And don't forget to follow round-by-round action at, or for archives of all races since 2002 go to

See you at the Track!
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