FIM-E Championship 2016 : Super Twin Preview

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Santa Pod Raceway the Man Event

FIM-E Championship 2016
Santa Pod Raceway
May 27-30, 2016

The last weekend in May sees the opening round of the 2016 FIM-E Drag Bike Championship, with the Santa Pod entry list showing healthy numbers across the four Championship and Cup classes. A significant number of the 50 pro entries will be competing in the full series so without further ado we pass on the news from the two-wheeled fraternity who will be chasing down the 2016 titles.

Super Twin Preview

The Super Twins look as if they will be bouncing back from something of a hit and miss 2015 with a solid baseline of seven entries for the season opener including the return of a couple of the heavy hitters from Scandinavia.

Martjin de Haas

Martjin de Haas

We start our class preview with reigning champion Martjin de Haas: “Although we had a consistent 2015 season, in the finals we wanted to step it up to put the bike in the 6.5s. So we put more clutch in at the start, which resulted in a broken primary shaft. This winter we’ve altered the design of this shaft to make it stronger. So our main goal for this season is to get the bike in the 6.5s. Also we’ve added a brake chute to the bike, we had some “issues” getting the bike to stop…… [we can testify to some ‘lively activity’ in the shutdown area] Besides that, Samu and Olstad are joining in the main event, which is fantastic! We really look forward racing them again, hopefully put up a great show! Besides racing the FIM championship rounds we would love to do a race in Scandinavia, hopefully if budget allows we can do so.”

Ronny Aasen

Ronny Aasen

Ton Pels gave us an update on his plans and expectations with the Ton & Vincent Zodiac backed blower bike that will be steered by Norwegian Ronny Aasen who carded the quickest twin number in Europe in 2015: “We expect to do a great job. That’s it.

See you at the Pod,


OK here is a bit more.

After the disaster (when we broke the throttle shaft and ruined the blower) of last year at the finals, we have taken both engines apart to inspect the pistons etc. We found two burned pistons because the engine was on full throttle when it happened. So the engine got plenty of air with no fuel other than for idling. The result was a very lean engine and lean engines burn pistons and so it did. We had to order new pistons and rings for the damage. At the same time we ordered slightly longer piston for more skirt support, cleaned up the cylinders and put back together the engines.

After a trip to Sweden in the wintertime to Swecomposite for new body work, we also inspected the frame for cracks etc. after glass blasting the frame. So for the new season the bike looks like new with the new painting and new body. We have build up the bike and expect the bike to perform like last race and if it does, to be very competitive and have great chances for the championship.”

Samu Kemppainen

Samu Kemppainen

As trailed by de Haas above, Samu Kemppainen will be making the long haul from Finland for the season opener with his injected V60 mount: “No big changes to bike this year only basic maintenance, pistons, rods, bearings to motor and new bearings and clutch parts to tranny. Our schedule is pretty “hectic” this year it has 10 races, and my plan is do both FIM/EDRS series + 3 national races here at the Alastaro track. Our only goal is get new pb 6.4??s and all else is just bonus, our current pb 6.502s isn`t not even near where I want to be 😉 smile I think 6.44s is fastest n/a bike time in Europe and that`s our goal this year.”

Hans Olav Olstad

Hans Olav Olstad

Norwegian Hans Olav Olstad and the unique blown parallel twin Thunderstruck will also be making a welcome return to the FIM-E tour despite a rollercoaster of an off-season: “It have been a busy winter, but not racing stuff. My partner Anne Marit has been in hospital 2 month for cancer treatment, and she is healing well now. Myself have been home from work since July 2015, caused by my back injury. Late January 2016 I was 2 month on a training institute for my back, and at the moment I have been back on work for a month. I have to put priority on my health by training at least 3 times a week. So my health is a lot better now. Because of all this the bike have been set on hold the whole winter. Mostly we replace all burned parts after Mosten last year. We gonna upgrade the fuel system, making new camshaft, and new interesting exhaust pipes. We do have the feeling the engine works well after last year struggle, but you know Nitromethane can do bad things to an engine now and then. Plan for the upcoming season is to do both championships, Nordic and European. Goal is of course to win, but I think is will be a challenge to do. With Samu Kemppainen and Per Bengtsson on the start list there will always be a hard race to win. Martjin de Haas also seems to be very stable, and if he shows same stability this season, he will also be a hard nut to crack. But, as always we do our best to fight to the end. My sponsors for 2016 are: ENI Norge, Lena Anleggsservice, Hydroscand, GMS bike store, Knapphus Energy, Kulelagerhuset, DekkTeam, Tech-Con, GB-Tech and Billakkspesialisten. There will a few new team-members, and some of the old still continue to wrench as usual. News and updates will be posted at facebook, on Olstad Racing. We look forward to race on Santa Pod again.”

Chris Cannon

Chris ‘Cannon’ Hannam

After a low-key season on this side of the pond, Chris ‘Cannon’ Hannam returns to European action for the first time since 2012 at the Main Event with the injected Hawaya Racing built twin that he debuted on the Man Cup series last year: “This year is to be my final year riding the bikes and I plan to retire after the National Finals at Santa Pod [in September]. We plan to contest all 3 rounds of the FIM-E championship which is the 1st time we have done so, we will be running our HRP Harley in the hope of running my 1st 6 second run on a fuel twin. We are also still planning to run our unique blown vee twin at test events throughout the year and possibly at the national rounds, at the conclusion of the year both bikes will be serviced and put up for sale. It is hoped that Neil Midgley [team member] will take over riding on one of the bikes but at this time nothing is confirmed. Cannon motorsports would like to thank all our long time sponsors for their valued support: Lucas Oils; MRE; Portable Shade; APE; Hawaya Racing”

We didn’t manage to catch up with the Czech duo of Petr Ceska and Roman Sixta who will round out the Super Twin field at the season opener.


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Story and photos by Ivan Sansom and Rose Hughes

2016 FIM-E Championship schedule

27th-30th May Main Event, Santa Pod Raceway, England
12th-14th August Kunmadaras, Hungary [Super Street Bike Cup only]
19th-21st August NitrOlympX, Hockenheim, Germany
8th-11th September FIA/FIM Finals, Santa Pod Raceway, England

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