Flyin Ryan debut’s at Route 66 Raceway’s Nationals

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Flyin Ryan debut’s at Route 66 Raceway’s Nationals

The rumors are true, Ryan Oehler announces his newly formed team, “Flyin Ryan Racing,” and his NHRA ProStock Motorcycle debut at Route 66 Raceway, this weekend in Joliet, Illinois. First let’s get to know the man with the plan. Ryan was born into a drag racing family in Lafayette, Indiana, May 2nd 1984. Ryan’s father, Brad Oehler, was on the cutting edge of Harley drag racing. Brad owned and operated B&K Cylinder Head’s, a company that specialized in high-performance Harley-Davidson racing applications. Ryan spent nearly every waking moment in the shop and was witness to many impressive racing breakthroughs. Ryan quotes, “I had seen more engine dyno test cell runs before age five than most people have seen in a lifetime. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to drag race motorcycles and be involved in the drag racing business.”

Ryan progressed through life and never lost sight of his goals of becoming a professional drag racer. Working his way up the ranks of the NHRA ET’s series at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet Illinois during his late teens, to building a two-time championship AMRA ProMod Harley, all while attending college at Illinois State University. Shortly after graduating from college, Ryan and his father Brad opened a heating and cooling business in Bloomington Illinois. Ryan now owns and operates several small corporations and currently works daily in the family business.

Ryan’s plans for entering NHRA ProStock Motorcycle didn’t happen overnight. The AMRA ProMod Harley was the perfect trainer for a ProStock Motorcycle. While training with his ProMod he enlisted in Frank Hawley’s drag racing school and got his first seven-second pass with George Bryce of Star Racing on a Suzuki school bike. “This was the first time I had met the legendary George Bryce. His school changed my entire perspective of professional drag racing and opened my eyes to a difficult journey ahead.” A few years later his journey with George and Jackie Bryce would continue with the opportunity of a lifetime.

With the announcement of the Star Racing Rider’s Challenge and the opportunity to race as a teammate to Angelle Sampey Drango, Ryan had no choice but to sign up and dive in head first for a real challenge. Ryan became a finalist in the challenge but unfortunately was unable to take home the crown of the champion. This only fueled his desire to win and compete even more. By the end of that year, Ryan won his first championship on his AMRA ProMod Harley. The following year, Ryan won his second championship and was nearly undefeated in the AMRA ProMod class. During the summer of 2016, Ryan had begun looking for an S&S ProStock motorcycle. Once again he crossed paths with George Bryce of Star Racing and was able to make a deal on Angelle’s 2015 ProStock S&S Buell. Ryan began training with George and Jackie during the fall of the 2016 NHRA season and immediately started testing in early 2017. “George and Jackie have been an absolute pleasure to work with, they have given me a very rare opportunity to race such a competitive motorcycle.”

Flyin Ryan plans on racing several NHRA Mellow Yellow events this 2017 season and hopes to perform well this weekend at his debut at Route 66 Raceway. He is setting his sights high for the 2018 season and plans on be a serious contender. Be looking for Flyin Ryan as he fly’s into a track near you!

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