Hey All,

I own a 02 ZX12R which has sucked sand through the filters down through the engine. Well I did some upgrades to her at the time I found this.

Well I took it to the dealer and had it checked out to make sure there was not a problem and to document it. Well they told me that if I did not put it back to stock then could void the warranty, so I did after about 800 miles.

Well with the K&N filters no sand got in, but after I went back to OEM filters it again sucked sand. So I demanded a wole new top end and this was denied.

Now I am going after the manufacture to buy the bike back. What I would like if you will do this please, is send me an email with your name and a way to contact you if you have had this same problem. Also if you know any one who is not a member of this board and owns a ZX12R, who has had this problem email me that would be great. Maybe together we can get Kawasaki to fix this problem.

Send the email to blade@dc.rr.com and put only the words "air box" in the subject line.

Thanks for you help.