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    I have the chance to buy a KZ 1100 for pretty cheap. Its in decent condition, and i would be using it for a dragbbike only. Don't know a whole lot about them, cause i have never dealt with kawi's a whole lot. Is a shaft driven bike as capable in drag racing as a chain drive What do i need to know, are the good as dragbikes, what are some common power adders and mods that can be done on a budget Any ideas are good to hear. Thanks.


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    Kyle, If bracket racing is all you plan to do the kz1100 would be fine but you are limited on what you can do because of the shaft can do all the mods to the motor that all the others are doing but the shaft will be the weak link.

    if you can get it for a good price go for it as it has a primo head. just my $.02

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    I dont know about the kz 1100 shaft but I had(still have) a 79 xs1100 special .one year I went through 8 driveshafts switched to chain drive bikes for dragracing and never went back. No fun when the light goes green and youhear a snick and dont budge off the start line while the other guy dissapears down track.[img]smileys/smiley7.gif[/img][img]smileys/smiley19.gif[/img][img]smileys/smiley26.gif[/img]ect..... Edited by: Ken Walker

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    Rich Fielding
    You can fit the required parts from the chain drive model and convert it fairly easily.

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    What year is this bike Depending on the year (i.e. KZ or J/GPz) there are some good, budget-minded buildups you can do.

    If you're planning on drag racing, there are two reasons for not running a shaft drive.
    1. <LI>You lose a lot of horsepower through the shaft.</LI>
      <LI>It will BREAK...</LI>

    Bottom line...convert to a chain drive if possible...


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