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Thread: draw or blow though : better for street?

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    I'm looking at maybe a mr. turbo kit for a 1200 bandit, but it is a draw t
    rough, and I heard blow through is better for street riding. thoughts c
    omments, experience

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    ive just got my kaw z1000 running vith blowthrough

    and its got very good respons on the gas 0,8bars at 4500rpmi thinkits good for streat

    and the draw through is a bit slower on the gas but still good

    but ceep all boost conektions as short as posible (on the bl.. system) thats a good thing

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    Henrik , 12 psi boost at 4500 is good stuff ,, best of luck to you

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    so the benefit is quicker response with a blow through, and less lag w
    hat about turbo placement is there just no room in front, so the mr. t
    urbo kit is made that way for clearance i am not wanting to hit 250 h
    p, 200+mph or 8 sec, just enough to keep it near my cousin's 'busa (
    stock) and be tame enough to go stoplight to stoplight.Edited by: zookie

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    there will allwais be a turbolag but you can do the best to minimaze it

    my blow through is totaly homemade and took me 2 vinters to get it runningnealy perfekt, modyfied turbo is from a merchedes diesel 2,3l.boost conektions/exaust/airbox in polished stainless stell. standard carbs.boostcontroled fuelregulatorand dumbvalve found on the net.fuellpump 4 bars from gpz1100 etc. etc. etc.and many ours in the garage,

    but the easy part is just ording at mr turbo (and be in the mirrow of the busa)[img]smileys/smiley2.gif[/img]

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    I have heard that mr turbo has a slow turnaround, like months of w
    aiting h
    and this company h
    claims the mcxpress kit is all included. has anyone ever installed e
    ither one of these on a street ridden 1200

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    ive seen a dvd of a busa vith 499 hk from mc express (blowthrough9

    vheeles at 280kmt...

    that was ok very ok

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    History of the Mr. Turbo Bandit Kit.

    The kit is basically a GSXR kit that Mr. Hoffemiester designed when he owned the company. There was a guy in Lousiana that want a kit for his Bandit, which everyone knows has the same engine just a different frame. So, the GSXR kit was modified to fit. (spacers added to move the header farther out from the motor and wrap around pipe is longer is really about all)

    The system works very, very well. Especially with the Mukuni HSR carb.When I worked for Mr. Turbo, there were several people who just loved the system and they were all street riders. One draw back to turbocharging a Bandit is that the OEMclutch is small and will begin to slip with horsepower generated by more than 10 lbs. of boost, which will be necessary if you want to make 250 hp.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards, [img]smileys/smiley16.gif[/img]

    Bart Mills


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