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Thread: Old School Dragbikes and Riders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puppet
    I have some pictures of those hedders somewhere, I'll see if I can locate them. I built those hedders a while ago, We wanted to see if an equal length hedder was better than the ones everyone was using so I built a set to try..There wasn't enough difference to warrant the amount of work involved doing it. The first set I built I couldn't get them off the bike so I had to take them apart and re-do them..There's not much room between the chassis and the motor..I wanted to try some stepped hedders but after building those I decided against it and will let somebody else try it..Besides, it's one of those "EVIL" Turbo bikes....[img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]


    Pup, I'd love to see the pics if you can find them. Interesting and cool story. As you stated there does not seem to be much room between the chassis and the motor and that's what drew my attention and interest. They sound like some neat pipes just from your comments.

    I know.....DAMN TURBO. I figured you must have been running out of pics and things to say by posting that God awful thing. But, it's your matter how dreadful it is.................hahahaha.
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    You know us "old Farts" ought to look at the front page of this site every once in a while instead of just going to our string... Big Carl Ahlfeldt's passing I figured ought to bring out a "flurry" of posts here or at least a mention!!!

    ...Myself, It was Carl that got me into dragbikes. I was a car racer in High School in Texas and went from a '53 Ford with a flathead in G/MP, through a Morris Minor with a 265 chevy altered and ended up quitting college to go race a fuel funny car my Junior year with a buddy, while I rode my 57 Panhead on the street. When the cars changed combinations from high gear - spin the hard slicks to a 2 speed overdrive - soft tire stick 'em combination in the early '70's that was when the MONEY aspect of racing pretty well took over. When you couldn't put but mabe 1200 - 1400 horsepower to the track, a junk yard iron 392 motor with a girdle and not much more would get you in the program - but with the advances in clutches, transmissions & tires then it was the beginning of the end of racing fuel with your wits and the start of what we have today - racing with a checkbook - But again - I'm off subject.

    ...After I got priced out of racing, I didn't go to a dragstrip for a year and a half and started working for one of the early chopper parts company's in California Gary Bang. On my first trip selling parts out of Texas, I went to Oklahoma City and ended up at Motorcycles Unlimited which was in an old crumbley brick part of town that they've now turned into the high rent district.

    ...There I met Carl and was introduced to FUEL MOTORCYCLE DRAGRACING.. Here was the 2 things I loved combined -NITRO & HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES as Carl was running a 114" high gear Kosman Chassis Shovelhead at that time. We became pretty good friends and I tryed to be a good customer too, not too much later. Carl built his first double &sold the single to his brother in law Marion Owens.

    ...The next customer I had down the street, Par's Custom Cycle had a fuel sportster, I worked around the midwest going from shop to shop and everybody seemed to have a fueler BUT ME... I went to Wichita - ended up at Truett & Osborn, Kansas City ended up at Pat Power's shop. I didn't know it at the time but the midwest was kind of a "hotbed" of motorcycle racing activity and Oklahoma City was kind of a hub with all the oilfield machinists and gearheads around..

    ...Ended up going back to Carl and trading him my open primary, jockey shift, hot rod '58 Panhead straight across for a 114" Chapman chassied generator shovelhead and my life has either been uphill or downhill since then- depending on who's tellin' you about it. But during the formative years in the '70's, I ended up trading Marion out of the Kosman chassis' bike - "The Spook" and later Carl engineered for me the first singleshovelhead fueler built with a 2 speed that I finished in Austin with "Slo John" Haider.

    ...I went by his place on business monthly and stopped through on my way down the interstate constantly, got to know his family, some of the other "hang arounds" that gyrated to the big guy, Sid Pogue - "the stump" Kenny Ainsley - "Shakey" - Marion & more.. I remember when Carl moved from downtown to a converted 7 -11 store on the south side of Oklahoma City - there were single track black marks from one corner of the parking lot catty-corneredto the other with just a few feet inbetween where Marion would be testing the double that him and Carl ran - most of the mark was from the back tire boiling and the rest was from the front tire sliding to a stop. It was a FUN LOVING BUNCH for sure. The tale about pulling up to a red light along side an old couple with a fuel buring double engine English bike and launching at the green is still being passed around and probably heing heard at the service.

    ...Carl and Mo won the big race in California with the high gear double and then he built a single engine Z-1 A/Fueler that Sid rode with much success and then the dou
    Nitro Shovelheads Rule!!!

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    Triple R......Thanks
    I have not heard about Big Carl Ahlfeldt's passing. I know he has been in bad health for a long time. I have known him for over 30 years and can not add anything to your stirring summary. He is one of the true movers and shakers in T/F motorcycles.


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    For T/F bikes I use 7/8 x .065 for the top bars, 7/8 x.058 for the bottom bars and .750 x .058 for bracing..

    If you build a tunnel under your bike how is it going to work if the front wheel is in the air.. The way I see it is that a tunnel works good on a car with 4 wheels but a bikehaving only two wheels is able to lean side to side which will lose suction on one side in an instant causeing handeling problems..I may be wrong but from what I know about tunnels that seems to be a problem area..


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    I would like to say a few words about the passing of Big Carl.

    What a character, he was just like a big bear early in the morning no one got in his way till he had 3 or 4 of those huge cups of coffee that got him up and running.

    Here we are standing in his shop checking out Marions Double Harley with the 17" T/F slick in the back, we should check the clutch stall says Marion ok says Carl so they wheel the bike out on to the footpath and fire it up if that is not exciting enough right next door is a cake shop so after a couple of big blips on the throttle the lady in the cake shop has a fit the cakes are falling off the shelves.

    I am just standing therethinking i can not believe they are doing this in the middle of town when a cop car comes down the streetboy were are in trouble now they slow down near the shop Carl waves & they wave back & drive off unbelievable.

    A few yearsbefore that we were trying to work how to run nitro with hilborn injection, and Ken Tipton gave me Carls number said give him a call, He could not have been more helpfull & i know i asked him some dumb questions but he just explained everything in detail the first time we fired it up it just sat there and idled like a street bike.

    At another time Carl had given me some MC Unlimited T shirts & i wanted to return the favour so i rang him & asked what size T did he wear EL XXXXX he said so a week later i had to ring him back and say sorry mate they dont make a T that big in Auustralia he just laughed & said i will send you some.

    I can just see Carl & Elmer together designing a new T/F Bike & Ken Tipton saying so you want 95mm blower pistons no problem.

    Big Carl a Big Man With a Big Heart and a real Gentleman.

    Baz & Twinkle Taylor Brisbane Australia.

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    I was at Carl's place once when it was in a shopping center. Later when I
    was there he was in Clyde Days building with Sam.

    Gonna miss the big guy. Anyone know if his daughter ever made it big as
    a country music singer

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    Three songs by Stephanie Ahfeldt were played at his funeral.

    The first was Daddys Hand. She is happily married

    and raising her children in OKC.


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