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Thread: 76 kz900 runs pig rich,need advice

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    this is an awsome site i stubbled across here,anyway i have a 76 kz900 with a 1015 kit,andrews 2x cams,29 smoothbores with 17.5 primary jets and 125 mains,simulated k&n filters,dyna signition with dyna coils,v&h sidewinder pipe without baffle.this bike runs pig rich.wont idle right.fouls plugs etc.i have almost given up.if anyone has any advice i sure would appriciate it,thanx. Edited by: kayzee900

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    1st things first, swap to a known good set of carbs

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    Where are your idle mixture screws set What are the needles set at Trying a known set of running carbs are an excellent idea though as stated above. Can tell if carbs are the problem real quick. Been down that road and swapping carbs eliminated lots of headaches right from the start and tells you where you stand as far as carbs goes. If switching carbs doesn't work, let us know. We will go from there to try to help you out.By the way, your primary and main jet sizes should be just about right with those carbs, si I think the problem is somewhere else.

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    The VM29s are jetted too lean for your current setup. I suggest your carbs may not be the issue... First, check your advance mechanism on your crank to see if it advances when you give it throttle... if it does, then you probably have a weak spark. I suggest you drop by and on the home page, look under tech tips. One of the tips includes instructions on how to power your coils directly from your battery via an automotive relay. If you have poor spark due to underpowering of your coils, they will soot right up on you and you will backfire through your carbs. If you need carb help, drop me a note at

    cheers - wiredgeorge
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