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    I am going to begin entertaining this idea, and commence exploring the possibilities of building a second engine, or bike, perhaps over the course of the next year or so, depending on prices, availability of funds, and good solid experienced drag racing advice, from those of you who know from first hand experience. Now this is what I gather from what I am being told, it is said that I can safely bore out and re-sleeve a stock KZ-1000 block to 1197cc, (76mm), yes Then of course, I will need the piston assembly, (i.e., pistons, rings, wrist pins, retainer clips or plugs). If possible, or if it is even desirable, this would then be placed on an old 1985 Kawasaki ZL-900 Eliminator motor that rests on a street legal stock frame, (i.e., legally registered and street-able bike). If such a combination is even possible with a drive shaft bike, what kind of money are we talking about here I am guessing I would need other carburetors and also new cams I currently run a stock ZL-900 engine and rejected Keihin CVK-32 carburetors with some other mild engine modifications for street and strip use. I get the feeling that this gets more costly then I had first expected. I welcome thoughts, ideas, or opinions, anyone Using what I have so far in parts, is there a better combination, or do I simply build another bike and put all this on a used motorcycle frame and go chain drive I already have “good additional extra parts” just lying around in my garage for my running eliminator, extras such as, clutch basket assembly, crankshaft with rods, complete transmission, cylinder head with pistons, (less the valve train and valve covers), complete radiator assembly, output shaft housing, camshafts, and engine cases. What would you do with all this stuff that is just laying around in the garage collecting dust, while continuing to run a mild bracket bike I guess what I am looking for here is a great combination, while maintaining a somewhat champagne taste, while on a beer budget.[img]smileys/ukliam2.gif[/img]

    Thanks for the expertise and general dollar estimates related to costs of just such an undertaking.


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    After reading your post, I'm not sure I completely understand what you're trying to do. If what I read is correct, I'm assuming you want to try to put a KZ1000 top end on an 85 900 eliminator bottom end If this is the case, it will never work. The two motors are completely different in design and nothing will interchange.

    You could build up the 900 eliminator motor and run that with the shaft drive but it wouldn't be near as good or as cheapas building up a KZ1000 based bike with a chain drive for hot street or full out drag racing...

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    The ZL-900 makes a good boat anchor for racing purposes. Since it is a
    shaft drive it would be incredibly expensive to make a chain drive Z-1
    engine fit in. As for just doing the top end totally forget it,the cam
    drive is in the middle on the Z-1 and on the end on the ZL,they just
    "happen" to be called a 900.

    If drag racing is the interest find a used already built bike based on
    the Z-1,KZ-900,KZ-1000,etc. Think of it as a box of parts rolling in
    formation and buy the most you can get for the least price.There is
    always "hop-up" parts available on E-Bay or other places to fit any
    standard(drag race) combination using a Z-1 as a base.

    You are much better off to sell the ZL and use the money,or just ride the ZL and forget hopping it up.

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    [img]smileys/smiley5.gif[/img]uhhhhh did you happen to think maybe that the zl1000 is WATERCOOLED and the kz is AIRCOOLED somebody been smokin crayons , not rubber!


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