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Thread: Rayjay Part Numbers

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    Does anyone know how the part numbers break down for the Rajays
    I can't seem to find any information on them.

    Does the BF in the part number mean B exhaust and F intake, or the other way around

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    The first letter is intake and the second is exhaust. if that is the order your letters are in then you have a b intake and f exhaust

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    Thanks for your help.

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    I have a F compressor housing and wheel if you need them.

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    Art and I have a rajay turbo that came with the kit he just purchased. We have not taken it apart yet but the end play seems to be ok. It may need a new carbon seal................if you are interested in it let me know. Art will probably let it go for a good price. PM me if you have an interest. Art has a 844cc two vavle suki and we are gonna put one of our T25/T28's on it. Our turbo will spool up better for want to run our stuff [img]smileys/smiley2.gif[/img]!

    NuSouth Drag Racing Leauge, LLC

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    Rayjay, sorry about that double PM. Too fast on the keyboard,
    excessive coffie. I have a 3AC7FF40A1 that I purchased new about
    14 years ago and another 300 series Rayjay that was sold under
    ArKay's lable. Both have F compressors, but the ArKay has what I
    think is a B turbine wheel. I just tore them both apart to look
    at the damage. The 3AC is the one I would like to use, but the
    bearing failed. The shaft is scuffed beyond use. I have a
    new bearing for this unit. The ArKay looks fine, but would
    require a few mods to use it. It also looks like an older style
    design in the bearing.

    If I switch from the F to the B turbine, any ideas on how it will
    effect the performance The B seems to have a lot less surface

    Or, if anyone has an F turbine in good condition they want to get rid of, please PM me!


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    I went to a E intake, and have the F laying around, in great shape. $150 for the wheel & housing....................Tony.

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    If it would only work. The two intake compressor wheels I have
    are fine. I just need a exhaust turbine wheel and shaft in good
    condition. Thanks for the offer!


    The geek.

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    The turbine to the left is the F style, the one to the right is from the ArKay turbo.

    Any ideas which type this is

    It seems to be the most common. Like I said, it has a lot less
    surface area. I am thinking to use it and had all the castings
    modified to match my Rajay. I brought it up on the 2-step today
    and it made about 3 pounds at 5K RPM. This is about what the
    other unit would do, but no oil pouring from it.

    I would guess that the loss of blade area is going to out weigh any
    weight savings and the lag is going to increase. Maybe better for
    a street bike.

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    I have plenty of rayjay parts if you need an exhaust turbine wheel and shaft that is not a problem. Those two are the same just made a little different one is of older vintage. I have used both and they seem to work the same.


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