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Thread: E-town Raiders

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    <DIV class=clsbig>
    <DIV class=clsbig align=left>Who’ll make his mark

    The captain cried

    To the devil drink a toast

    We’ll glut the hold

    With cups of gold

    And we’ll feed the sea with ghosts

    I see your hunger for a fortune

    Could be better

    Served beneath my flag

    If you’ve the stomach

    For a broadside

    Come aboard my pretty boys

    I will take you and make you

    Everything you’ve ever dreamed

    Make fast the guns tonight we sail

    When the high tide floods the bay

    Cut free the lines

    And square the yards

    Get the black flag stowed away

    The turk the arab and the spaniard

    Will soon have pennies on their eyes

    And any other laden fancy

    We will take her by surprise

    I will take you and make you

    Everything you’ve ever dreamed

    Six days off the cuban coast

    When a sail ahead they spied

    A galleon of the treasure fleet

    The mizzen lookout cried

    Closer to the wind my boys

    The mad eyed captain roared

    For every man that’s alive tonight

    Will be hauling gold aboard

    Spare us the galleon begged

    But mercy’s face had fled

    Blood ran from the screaming souls

    The cutlass harvested

    Driven to the quarter deck

    The last survivor fell

    She’s ours my boys

    The captain grinned

    And no one left to tell

    The captain rose from a silk divan

    With a pistol in his fist

    And shot the lock from an iron box

    And a blood red ruby kissed

    I give you jewelry of turquoise

    A crucifix of solid gold

    One hundred thousand silver pieces

    It is just as I foretold

    You, you see there before you

    Everything you’ve ever dreamed

    Anchored in an indigo moonlit bay

    Gold eyed ’round fires

    The sea thieves lay

    Morning, white shells

    And a pipe of clay

    As the wind filled their footprints

    They were far, far away

    Our sails swell full

    As we brave all seas

    On a westward wind

    To live as we please

    With the wicked wild eyed woman

    Of portobello town

    Where we’ve been told

    That a purse of gold

    Buys any man a crown

    They will serve you and cloth you

    Exchange your rags

    For the velvet coats of kings

    Who’ll drink a toast with me

    I give you liberty

    This town is ours - tonight

    Landlord wine

    And make it the finest

    Make it a cup for a sea dogs thirst

    Two long years of bones and beaches

    Fever and leaches did their worst

    So fill the night with paradise

    Bring me peach and peacock

    ’till I burst

    But first, I want a soft touch

    In the right place

    I want to feel like a king tonight

    Ten on the black

    To beat the frenchman

    Back you dogs

    Give them room to turn

    Now open wide sweet heavens gate

    Tonight were gonna

    See if heaven burns

    I want an angel on a gold chain

    And I’ll ride her to the stars

    It’s the last time

    For a long, long time

    Come the daybreak we embark

    On the flood of the morning tide

    Once more the ocean cried

    This company will return one day

    Though we feel your tears

    It’s the price we pay

    For there’s prizes to be taken

    And glory to be found

    Cut free the chains

    Make fast your souls

    We are eldorado bound

    I will take you

    For always, forever, together

    Until hell calls our names

    Who’ll drink a toast with me

    To the devil and the deep blue sea
    <DIV class=clsbig>
    <DIV class=clsbig>
    <DIV class=clsbig>
    <DIV class=clsbig>Pro Stock Motorcycle</CENTER>
    <TABLE width=450 align=center>
    <TR bgColor=#000080>
    <TD class=pntsph>Position</T

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    Dude! You come up with some wacky stuff![img]smileys/smiley29.gif[/img]

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    Some of us prefer the term "eccentric"...

    I'll join in the toast with another privateer soul!

    Here's to the albatross, may he fill our sails with winds as we race horizonbound, leaving those who wish to shackle us to the depths of Davey Jones' locker!

    Cheers, Mate

    Points for Johnson and teens for Valetti!

    \"Dream as if you\'ll live forever...Live as if you\'ll die tomorrow !\"
    James Dean

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    Hey anytime ELP lyrics and/or music is's ok by me[img]smileys/smiley14.gif[/img]


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    ... AHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBB !!! Look on the Starboard horizon, it's the GREEN WHALE !!! Yes, Pequad, fear him, he is the non~injected late model, that did not get a fair one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zx6r

    Hey anytime ELP lyrics and/or music is's ok by me[img]smileys/smiley14.gif[/img]


    A kindred spirit! ah ha~~the weaver and the web that he made!~~nice to meet you

    100 monkeys~~ a salute to you my friend.


    enough of all this heavy good fellowship....put your markers down!Edited by: Manticore

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    You sure hate Steve Johnson dont you Manticore Everyone had good things said about them at the top, except steve, HE IS A GOOD GUY! E-Town Should be Interesting!

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    nawwww i don't hate Steve Johnson I'm just joan'n on him. It's important to have a sense of humor in life.[img]smileys/smiley15.gif[/img]


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    Twas on the good ship Venus ,by god you should have seen us,

    The cards sure turned somewhat last weekend , i have no knowledge as to the performance levels expected at each venue, but i was sure was surprised at the outcome of qualifying , but it was good to see Chip through for a win, bring on the next episode.[img]smileys/smiley17.gif[/img]
    Larry Hargreave

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    Guess we need some controversy.........Back to fair!

    Considering that we had a difference of .142 between 1st and 16th qualifier, maybe GB3 will tell us the ET lost on a tire spin of 1/2 a tire circumference or anyone who might know that info...maybe Shane will indulge me!~[img]smileys/smiley23.gif[/img]


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