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Thread: Zx12R / Busa Turbo choice.

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    I know there are many programs that with some simple data added can estimate what size turbo you may need for a particular size engine, but I would liek to know what size a/r's you guyz are using on your turbo street bikes.

    Id love to know what size a/r's are on that Big Sexy Turbo 12R, and also how they get around the boost leak around the tb area, anyone have any pics of inside a turbo 12R frame

    Any help greatly appreciated.


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    I have a ZX12 motor with a 2.5mm .120dish piston kit in it.mild port work and 1mm EX valves.It has a custom header(I tacked it,a friend who can weld welded it).I am running a .46ar turbo.

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    After alot of turbo research and talking with a few turbo suppliers they recomeded the following turbo combo.

    Stage 1 Garret T3/Turbine with .56ar and compressor they recomended a t04e/ 46 trim, .56ar.

    This should put me in the 76% effeiceny range at around 300 - 350 whp, and have the ability to turn 400whp with the rightfuel onboard, Ididnt want a massive turbo since this is just a street bike and i dont want a crazy amount of hp.


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    Let's see some pics of the project bike...

    My buddy has a Turbo ZX12R... he and I on my Turbo Busa have fun raising cane around here. [img]smileys/smiley2.gif[/img]

    Haven't talked to him lately, I know he was chasing a few gremlins for a while.

    Here's a pic of our bikes together:

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    Check out these guys,lots of info.


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