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    whats in the future for the AMRA , besides 3 trips to Bowling Green KY in 2006

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    check the schedule it has ben a changing

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    The AMRA is the Redwing boot of motorcycle dragracing. It has not
    changed much over the years, not the fanciest, it could use some work
    to make it more appealing, many that wear it grumble at times because
    they wear them but you never see yourself not wearing or having them
    close by. They have scheduled one race a month from March to
    September. Granted the new theme song is My Ole' Kentucky Home
    but if you play with fuel Marty takes good care of you.

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    I think the theme song is ALL MY ROWDY FRIENDS ARE COMMING OVER TONIGHT (do ya wanta drink do ya wanta party ) Marty better take good care of the fuelers, they arethe show! They have changed , now they have index classes , a red card is twice what it was and it cost to enter the gate . Edited by: the cowboy way
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    Im goin to all the races
    I dont care what it cost


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