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Thread: Tommy Miceli PSM Video Clip

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    dave, you guys are doing a great job on the videos, keep up the good work, we all love to see them, *as you can tell * haha

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    Great video! Wonderful ad for It's a shame the site still does not work after more than a year

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    dave conforti

    Hey guys , thanks for all the emails about the video clips, this one came out awesome, my brother did this as a bio on Tommy, we put together a 15 minute DVD and took it to the PRI show , we brought in enough product sponsors to repair 3 broken motors,our DVD and's team reports have brought sponsors in , Companies we deal with were amazed how well we marketed their names,we can't thank Matt , Scott and Brandi enough for putting our name out there, morepeople need to put team reports out and send them to all their sponsors, and the best part is its free ! ! !

    Check this latest one out , its under 4 minutes long , loads prettyquick with cable or dsl , thanks Dave

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    I have to admit as the rookie onteam WWB that keepingyour sponsors informed(big or small) via the team reports is a definite MUST DO 4 any racer!! Not untilizing theforum that Matt, Brandi and Scott have given us is a great sin!I have aquired a few new sponsors from posting team reports and kept my current sponsors smiling with the exposure they are getting and it is not even race season. 2006, going to be a blast!!

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    dave conforti

    Thanks eneryone , we received 100's of emails about Tommy's video clips from all over the world , Tommy put them on a my space site so they are all in one place , also we are working on getting the new Worldwide Bearings website up that will have the video clips on there too. Here's the link , we have some wild stuff planned for this year too, thanks Dave

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