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Thread: Need Help With a Problem!

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    I have a 99 Honda CBR 900 RR, and something is wrong with my gearing. I believe it is my shift forks I think that are bent. When I am at high RPM's in 1st gear, and I try to shift into second, it catches neutral, and won't shift into second cleanly, I have to let the RPM's go back down , then shift into second. I think my shift forks are bent as I stated earlier. Do you think this is the problem If so how much can I get the 1st, 2nd gear shift forks for..... for this model of bike And do you think this would fix my problem And how much would shop fee be to have this fixed

    Thanks for your help,
    D. Adkins

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    It's sounds likely,I'm a parts guy not a mechanic but I've seem a bunch of CBR900's eat shift forks,they're not nearly as hard on gears,but it could be second gear is worn.It's usually the dogs on c/shaft second that get slightly worn and you can't shift into 2nd under power.Unfortunately,you won't know until you take it apart.You'll need all the gaskets(not neccessarily the valve cover gasket)and lower seals,ballpark that at $100-150,shift forks run around $50,gears run usually about $100,sometimes more.I'm trying to figure this in US dollars since I price this stuff in CDN$ normally.As for the labour,don't be surprised to hear 8 hrs or something.


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    I would be willing to give someone 500-550$ if they could fix this for me, I could haul the bike to you preferably if your near the east coast area, I live in South East West Virginia.

    If someone knows how to properly split the case, and do this work for me I would greatly appreciate it and would be willing to deal with them about the price of labor etc.....


    Dax Adkins


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