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Thread: only gay eskimo?

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    anyone else drag race v twin sportbikes

    I am going to attempt to race my RC51 even after a big flaming from the RC51 boards. just to have fun.

    any suggestions Strap down the front, maybee have some lowering links made, since the only aftermarket ones I have found are either an inch drop or stock &q=gay+eskimo

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    i run a TLS with good success. definitely go for a strap and lower it if you can.

    that will make things a lot easier. some gearing will make your launching more repeatable as well.

    heres a vtwin pass for you

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    That's good footage of our old parking lot track . . .

    See the new

    AAA Auto Club Dragway at Fontana !

    We race Pro Street Legal there.

    It's a fun race track too !

    Team WandL Racing.

    Red, *<(:{)-


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