I know this really belongs up in the general chat area but this is the only way I could think of to reach riders in this area so here is a copy of a post that I put on another forum that I belong to:

I am blessed that I get to be involved in the transportation of some of the guests of honor for this event. If you like to ride and want to thank some of these soldiers for their sacrifices, this is your chance.

We flew down to San Antonio to pick up some of these young men and I can say I am awe struck at the attitudes of these guys.The Patriot guard showed up to escort these guys to their hotel last night. There was also an impressive showing from the war vets and law enforcement personel to welcome them home. We even got to pass on a message of gratitude to the men from the controllers at Chicago Center (ATC), How they knew who we had in the back is still a mystery to me. I am eagerly looking forward to Sunday for the poker run. And the opportunity to ride with some of these heroes. I hope to see some of you guys there Sunday!!

The event is the Purple Heart poker run it starts in Libertyville at Austins on State rt 137 (Buckley) sunday morning at 9:00 am. This event is being put on by the Wounded Heroes Foundation and I encourage you guys with road bikes to come join us Sunday morning for this very worthwile cause. For more info google either wounded heroes foundation or purple heart run I'm sorry I don't have the link handy but it'll come up if you do that.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 26th 2007
STARTS: Austins Saloon & Eatery
481 Peterson Rd. Libertyville,IL.
Breakfast Buffet 9:00am
ENDS: Stone Creek Grill
206 Sheridan Rd. Winthrop Harbor,IL.
Cost is $20/ Bike, $10/ Passenger, Cars Welcome
1st bike out 10:30am, last bike outat 11:30 am
Live Band, Food, Raffles & more@ the "STONE CREEK GRILL"
All Proceeds Benefit: Wounded Heroes Foundation Inc.
So come out and join us at the ""Stone Creek Grill"" in a very special tribute to our "Guests of Honor "& "Heroic Wounded in Action Veterans"