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Thread: cbr929rr mods? free?

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    i have an 01 cbr929 with a slip on i was wondering what mods i should do or what stuff can i do free to it. the muffler valve thing does need a cable where can i get one or should i remove it or somthing what can i do to my bike to make it faster Edited by: riggs_racin

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    I've found mods are free when you have a good mechanic for a friend and even then theres a trade off somewhere.That cable is to close 2 valves(in the pipe)for better midrange,midrange is not needed at the drag strip.In the meantime;

    Change your gearing-cheap,highly beneficial,go 520 with an aluminum rr,saves over 2 lbs of drive weight.

    Race gas-not so cheap but if only used to drag race goes a long way-requires power commander to re-map.

    Lower it.Frt and back.

    Check E-Bay for a full pipe,and anything for that matter.

    Remove unneccessary weight,lights,mirrors,rr peg brackets,horn,signals.

    When you're ready to spend big money go here:

    Sorry if some of this sounds basic to you,don't know what you've done already.


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