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"season 1 shop to the new shop enough said"
<DIV>also take in to account the fact that season 1 they were essentially nobodys, and by now they've gained worldwide recognition/product sales. Dont think that they only have the new shop cause people give them free stuff, they've built their business since the first shows.</DIV>
<DIV>As for the free products - they arent free, those companies are giving away product for advertisement. </DIV>
<DIV>Example- LISTA, they do office stuff, cabinets and such. I noticed that on one of the TV shows that they had cabinets with LISTA all over them. I've only ever seen the name, personally, one other place - on the side of a DP car at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona race. About 10 years ago. Lista likely did give away their product, just like many other companies, but in return they have their logo/name plastered on walls and their product and its seen by millions of people.</DIV>
<DIV>Its the same thing that WE, the racers, get when we get sponsored. Companies give us product so that their name gets put on the side of our bikes or our leathers. </DIV>

<DIV>I am not a fan of their work. All the bikes are based, pretty much, on the same frame.</DIV>
<DIV>All have the same huge rear tire and really tall front tire etc etc</DIV>
<DIV>Just doesnt do anything for me.</DIV>

<DIV>And for the Eddie Kraewick comment - i remember that episode(s), I think Eddie was only on the show once, it was some other guy that came in to help them out in placing things, setup etc. I can not remember who it was though, and when I did a search for him (google), nothing really pulled up. </DIV>

<DIV>Like others have said, while American Choppers show has motorcycles in it, and has a motorcycle name - it is not about the motorcycles, its about the drama and the feuds and the issues. I do wish they'd bring shows like Biker Buildoff back, shows that showed different people building different bikes. I enjoyed that show, was neat to see how some of the things were fabbed and the different styles that people had.</DIV>
<DIV>Maybe we'll luck up and get another Jessie James show. While not all of his motorcycles appeal to me, it was always nice to watch his show because he did fab so much of his own stuff.</DIV>
sponsored or sponsor &lt; this is one of the biggest misconceptions . These people are ( MARKETING PARTNERS ) . You are helping them get sales or show their equipment or goods . And motorcycles are one of the types of advertising that does not give returns that will show in the plus side of the cash box .