<h1>Video: Hole shot win for Edwards sends Slowe home</h1>
Published on July 23, 2010 by Dragbike Live.com </span>

Dragbike Live camera crews caught some interesting footage while
filming during the MiRock Superbike Series Fast by Gast/WPGC 95.5Fm Bike
Fest on July 18th 2010.

We understand most races are won at the finish line but not all!

We slowed down the footage to show you just how tight the competition
is in the Orient Express Pro Street Class. Mikey Slowe in far lane and
8 Time World Champion is going against novice rider Kenny Edwards in
first round action.

Take notice of how smooth Slowe’s motorcycle is off the line compared
to Edward’s bike motorcycle which rocks back and forth a few
milliseconds off the line. Under normal film speed this is not

Slowe is known for being smooth but don’t get confused. Smooth is one
thing, late is another and Edwards took advantage of it. Both rider’s
elapsed times are very close and also mph.

Edwards’s hole shot off the starting and no errors during the pass
earned him the win and in drag racing it is the first to the finish line
that gets the win light turned on in their lane. A text book example of
how a slower motorcycle......

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