Im hoping that MIROCK will do what most of the ADRL pro extreme bikes are asking for. We should be at 620lbs to be fair to some of the bigger guys and not make it so much of a jockey class. We are asking the ADRL to make the weight 620,and Im just hope that MIROCK will set the standard for the class.I spoke to Jason Millerand he is willing to listen to the riders input.The current 600lb weight limit was used due to the previous rules. The difference between the NOS bikes and Turbo bikes is 120lbs with the 13" combo by making the NOS bikes weigh 620 the funny bikes will stillhavea 100lbs weight difference. This will allow the funnybikes to be more competitive with the current NOS bikes at the 620lb weight limit, and keep the NOS bikes competitve within there own setup. The newer style plain bearing motors should still be allowed the 585lb weigh break until their performance shows that they need to have weight added. What do you think?

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