Hi Guys, Have just pulled the head off of my 84' GPz1100 thats out to 1500cc and have found that the head has split from the 6mm bolt on the right side of the head to the second spark plug hole and across the two plug holes on the left of the head am running 0.024 fuel jets and 0.022 N2O jets it ran a best of 8.46@150mph my question is have you guys seen this before and if you have what caused it ????? I would of thought that @ this level that this would of caused no problems with a A3 head Specs are<div></div><div>1984 GPz 1500cc</div><div>A3 head with 39mm in and 33ex and ported</div><div>44mm Lectrons with PJ</div><div>MTC Block and pistons @13.5:1</div><div>NOS Cheater Solinoids with Fogger Nozzles</div><div>NOS Launcher progressive controller</div><div>Dyna ignition and retard controller</div><div>30# timing with 6# removed over nos ramp</div><div>any propperadvice would be good </div><div>Thanks</div><div></div>