We are offering a special deal on our gen 2 stroker cranks for the gen 1 engine.

Kit contains a gen 2 crank that has had the counterbalancer gear removed, lightened and dynamically race balanced to less than 1/3 gram.

Also includes a spacer plate to make it a true bolt in mod. And for the next 30 days we will include our billet countershaft replacement dummy shaft. http://www.hayabusazone.com/balancershaft.html

This crank kit installed in a gen 1 motor makes a 1397 into a 1441cc.

The entire package runs $1249.00 This is an outright sale item. Part#HCK-08LB

We try to keep these fully machined and balanced in stock ready for same day shipping.

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Dealer and Team APE inquiries invited.