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Thread: NHRA Body-slams another Pro Team

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    The FACT about the support as far as most of the teams supporting DSR is there , MINUS Bernstein so there that is. NHRA has out lived it's role but do to the cash flow has managed to stay in business. Especially after Dan Weldon's wreck where nothing other then not having so many cars on the track or slowing them down could've changed the outcome there, this cock pit could of DSR for Dragracing. Why ANYONE (including people making posts on this forum) cannot see that is something that I do not understand. The Purdue statement has to be the killer....They don't have any dragracing expierence ! Comon Man !
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    Quote Originally Posted by team23rulz
    No proof needed, let's all make educated guesses! That's what you are making, and so am I! You have no possible way of proving you are right just like me. I'm not trying to have a pissing match with you. Especially having to defend my every statement. You obviously believe that every decision the NHRA makes is a great one. No NHRA does not have to provide proof to anyone, but you have to admit that they didn't convince the masses with their explanation. (I don't know what message boards you are reading, but the ones I read generally back DSR on this one.)
    <DIV>So be disappointed that I don't agree with you, but I'll stick to what I believe. And I truly believe that this was a bad decision made with even worse timing. That my friend is my final word.</DIV>
    Nah, as I've said, I'm no NHRA-lover. Look at this NHRA forum here on, and you'll see there are many more threads I've been silent on than I've participated in. It's far from me agreeing with everything they do.NHRA is equally able to get under my skin too...but for the right reasons.

    <DIV>I do feel they have more to draw on than me or you, so I am leaning in their explanation's direction. It's not about how much you or I know. It's about how much THEY (NHRA, TF racers, hired aerodynamicists)know, and whether you or I are qualified to put our opinions above theirs. I'm not, and I wanted to demonstrate that you may not be either.</DIV>

    <DIV>Unless I am mistaken, I have yet to see Purdue's statement on whether or not the changes would be beneficial aerodynamically. I'd like to see their analysis on this, or if analyzing same was even part of their exercise. As they were apparently exploring driver protection,this may not even have been examined. My bet is on them having to say, "Yes, we find this higher windscreen and rollcage shrouding to reduce CD and to also assist in directing non-turbulent airflow into the injector."</DIV>

    <DIV>I also don't know if they studied the type of fire that Antron experienced with the new parts.A fuel fire that introduces raw, unburned fuel INTO the cockpit is a different animal than what I understand the primary scope of the study to be, which is shielding the driver from engine-region fires and debris. No matter what, Purdue did not have the benefit of examining such a fire in action, but NHRA and its experts now have. That very naturally moves the game up a notch. Pointing out that Purduewasn't able to see this far into the future is not to tear them down, it's merely to put the information they've developed in its proper context.Especially now, with new information now added to the discussion, Purdue arejust not the be-all, end all where this subject is concerned.Other expert perceptions must be taken into consideration as well.</DIV>

    <DIV>To all: I weigh every subjecton its own merits, and then comment afterI mix in my own perceptions and research. Every story has at least two sides, and I just like more than one side to be seen. There's a bit of an anti-NHRA bias on this site, so I decided to play "devil's advocate" here latelyon a couple of subjects I felt were gettingthe biased treatment.</DIV>

    <DIV>I do it for the mentalchallengeof representing the side that's, well, not being well represented, to give a shot at "equal time". No one should take it too seriously; this IS a discussion forum after all, andwe should bepresenting and discussing ideas, not baring our souls
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2bking1320
    1992 - No Funny Rules so there you go, Funny Rules have been going on even for Garlits....Bernstein have anything to do with that ? Would'nt doubt it !

    <DIV>funny rules ? those werent Dons words LoL</DIV>
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    Sounds like the same thing that happened to AMA , who ever can fill there pockets gets the preferred treatment..... Its a real shame.

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    If I remember correctly Bernsteins camp were the ones to use a data logger to figure out they needed to lock up there clutch and keep it a secret for as long as they could. If he complains about not being able to by other teams parts they should have them made by someone else. DSR and the NHRA = the Dog and Pony show.

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    If it was only the roof panel that was causing all this crap, I don't see how it would be that hard for other teams to copy it, and use it.....Spencer Massey's car couldn't get down the track without usual, I think there's alot more going on behind the scenes than we will ever know... Edited by: Tim Rinkerman
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    They should have gone to NHRA and said look, this is what we are planning.. what do you guys think... then either do it or don't . Case closed
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