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Thread: timing retard

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    timing retard

    Whats up guys im looking for some advice. Im putting together a 73 cb750 stock motor with a td04 13c turbo from a volvo, blow thru with 85 cb650 cv carbs.

    Im running a dyna 2000 with the timing lockedout at 40 degrees with out the turbo.

    My question is how much should I retard the timing and what psi to retard it?

    Wastegate is set at 8psi and I plan on running pump gas

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    I am building a CB750 with a ATP turbo kit
    Call Mr. Turbo and ask for Terry Kizer

    We had a very long talk about this and he basically said that the more timing you put in to your
    engine the less boost you can run
    but the less timing you run its not going to leave the light very fast

    I will be using a MSD MC-4 ignition system and will program a retard in to the box so I can run alot of advace
    but when it comes on boost it will retard the ignition and not cause detonation.

    you can run a Dyna 2000 but call Larry at Dyna and tell him what your doing
    There is a switch called a Hobbs switch that you plug in to your intake manifold and when you start
    to make boost it will retard the system 5 or 6 degrees but its not programmable

    you can call me at 770-367-7320 if needed

    good luck

    Jim French
    you can follow my build on the SOHC Forum under the performance section and look for the 836 turbo build
    my forum name is big-jim
    Still plays with motorcycles

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    Just realized you replied thanks for the advice I have seen your build over on the sohc forums and I like it. I have it all set up and runing now, 40 degrees locked out and retards 8 degrees at about 2 or 3 psi of boost. I drive on the street with pump gas so I havent advanced the timing any just to stay on the safe side.


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