For those of you that signed up for a email account and are still using them, we have some info for you.

Your email account is not controlled by us, it is controlled by They are the company you contact if you have issues with your account. And they have recently posted a notice regarding Password Requirements. Here is the information below.


In an effort to increase security for you and your end users, is releasing an update to password requirements on Thursday, April 5th. This update will not impact customers upon deployment, as it will only enforce stricter password requirements when users change their passwords or when creating a new user. Existing users with weak passwords will not be forced to change their password.
For reference, below are the new password requirements:

At least eight characters in length
No more than 20 characters in length
Contain at least one number [0-9] character
Contain at least one special character from: !@#$%^&*()~`-=_+[]\{}|:";',./<>?
Contain at least one upper-case and lower-case letter
Cannot match the account login name or email address
If you have any questions about this update, please open a support case and we'll be glad to help answer your questions.We do plan to work with you in the future to update weak user passwords, and will make an announcement well in advance.

We had some reports that this message was unreadable for some last week, we have resolved that problem and apologize for any inconvenience. Technical Support


If you have any additional questions, email me directly