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Thread: A Triumph running in NHRA PRO STOCK ?

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    A Triumph running in NHRA PRO STOCK ?

    I thought something was wrong with my eyes when I just read that a TRIUMPH will be running in NHRA Pro Stock ! Is this for real ? Could a BMW be next ? Will NHRA let it pass TECH ? Will they put so many restrictions on them that they will pack up and go home ? I have been following a little bit the progress and testing Bob Carpenter has been doing with TRIUMPH and they are running 9'0s with a street bike. Should be interesting to see what happens.
    Jim Milsted Old Dragbike! Techman

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    Carpenter has been working on the 2400 cc horizontal 3cyl. Can't see that being what they are using for Pro Stock.
    Looks more like a Buell sponsored by Triumph.
    Viper is going to give it a whirl next year with their proprietary V Twin.
    They actually purchased PMFR to assure they will have access to the finest chassis and components.
    We'll see if they can get through the NHRA mess.

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    Sorry to disappoint but it IS a Buell. I don't think there are any Triumph configurations that would be legal.


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    Any mfg. could be competetive if they throw enought money at NHRA like Harley does.
    Al Adkins
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