Greg Neal Starts the Land Speed Racing Season with Records

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 The 2015 ECTA Land Speed Racing season opened in Ohio and a new era at TLN Motorsports

Land Speed Racing returned to Wilmington, OH on the weekend of May 2nd-3rd.

TLN Motorsports was there and it was the debut of the new Kawasaki ZX-6R.  There were many questions to be answered and by the end of the weekend it was obvious that TLN Motorsports was even more dominant than they were in the past.


The weekend ended with 12 new Land Speed Racing records on 14 runs.  We needed help from our friends to have enough fingers to get to 12.  It was absolutely a weekend that we will never forget.


The weekend started with issues as on the very first run of her life the air shifter stuck in the up position causing the 1st run of the new bikes racing life to be aborted.  It was a problem we had seen on the dyno while testing the auto shift and we thought we had corrected.  Frustrated, but not out of it we made a fix and the bike was back ready for action.


The Kawasaki EX-250R was next up for us.  The bike has been a consistent performer for us over the years and we were confident she could real in more records.  The 1st run on the 250 clocked in at 104.5539 mph and it was record 1 for the weekend.


The ZX-6R was back up and we were anxious to put down a good run.  The bike had some breaking up issues in 1st gear, but recovered to run a speed of 181.4516 mph, record number 2 of the weekend..  The 1st full pass on the bike and we were in the 181’s.  That in itself was amazing.  It had taken us 2 years to get the old bike up to 181 mph.

With the 250 back on the line we had a clean pass of 105.6090 mph, record number 3 of the weekend.  The bike was running like the champion she is and we were able to get 2 more runs on that bike on Saturday with top speeds of 105.5347 mph and 105.7828 mph, both new records bringing the total of the day to 5.


We made 2 more passes on the ZX-6R on Saturday.  We decided to short shift out of 1st gear as we were diagnosing the 1st gear break up problems.  The shift into 2nd came with a controlled big wheelie and we carried the momentum through the traps for a top speed of 186.0273 mph, new record number 6 (just a bit off our current class standing mile World Record of 186.7220 mph).  I was speechless as the conditions were nowhere near as good as when that record was set.  The ZX-6R was proving us right by deciding to build a new bike.  The last run on the 6R again had some issues on the shift from 1st to 2nd as we spun up the rear tire turning the bike sideways, but recovered to a speed of 183.8987 mph, record 7 of the weekend.  It had taken a long off season of hard work and a day of giving everything we had, but what a way to start the new season.  It was more than we could have ever asked for.

Sunday morning started with another beautiful sunrise.  We were in the staging lanes very early and ready to put up more record runs.  While the air was good, it wasn’t quite as good as Saturday and the forecast was for building winds.


The 1st pass of the morning was on the ZX-6R and we again spun the tire on the 1st to 2nd shift.  The auto shift immediately shifted to 3rd as we spun up the RPM’s.  The bike pulled hard on the big end and the top speed was 183.3741 mph for record number 8 of the weekend.  The EX-250R followed with a run of 105.7579 mph and record 9 was in the books.  We had picked up where we left off on Saturday.


The winds were starting to pick up and the next pass on the ZX-6R was a bit slower at 182.3339 mph for record 10.  A 104.8218 mph run on the 250 was good for record 11 and as the winds continued to build we were considering shutting things down for the weekend.


We decided on one more run with the ZX-6R and it was the cleanest run of the event on that bike.  We had a big crosswind on the big end and having to lean the bike into the wind was scrubbing off speed.  The trap speed was 183.2934 mph and record number 12 of the weekend.  We had gained a great deal of data over the weekend and the bikes had boot performed well beyond all expectations.


Just for fun we decided to run the EX-250R once more into what felt like a hurricane.  The little bike did all she could and to my amazement the speed was 100.7387 mph.  Over 100 mph into that wind just made my weekend.

We called it a weekend and started to pack up for the trip home.  With 12 new Land Speed Racing records richer, the debut of the new ZX-6R with unimaginable success and the EX-250R as strong as ever was a dream opening weekend.  Our total Land Speed Racing records set moved out to 178.


We at TLN Motorsports owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who have sponsored and support our efforts.  We could never get this done on our own.  Success like ours comes from support of the best in the business.  Thank You KWS Motorsports for building a monster.  This bike is a player of World Class.  A huge Thank you Brock Davidson and Brock’s Performance.  This would never have happened without your support.  Thank you Marine Crankshaft for all of the work stroking the crankshaft.  Thank You CP Pistons/Carrillo for an amazing light strong set of pistons and rods.  Thank You Val Dick and Energycoil for the best coils out there.  Thank you Web Cams for your support over the years and for a great set of cams.  Thank you Dave Conforti and Worldwide Bearings for simply the best ceramic bearings available.  Thank You Chip Spaulding and Ballistic Performance for the lightest strongest batteries in the business.  Thank you Vortex racinrg for your continued support and the sprockets that drive all of our records. Thank you Woolich Racing for the Log box system that allows us to collect needed data and keep the bike tuned quickly and easily. Thank you Brewer Cycles for your support of our efforts, the new ZX-6R and always being a phone call away when we need help.  Thanks to Millennium Technologies for the timely cutting of the head and your support of our effort through the years. Thank You Guy Caputo and Tiger Racing Products as I know I can always count on you. Thank You Joe Timney and Delaware Chassis Works as you and Donna have always been there when we needed something. Thanks to Magic Bullet Fuel Treatment, BST WheelsAlisyn Lubricants, Ohlins and MPS.  Thank you David Whealon and DW Photos for all of the photos you have taken of our efforts.  A huge Thank You to whose efforts make everything possible for us. 

The biggest thank you is to Tracy Neal who works tirelessly at the track to make everything happen.  She may be behind the scene, but it wouldn’t happen without her.


We will be back in Ohio the beginning of June.  Having some seat time on the ZX-6R is a big deal as we are learning what the bike likes to go fast.  Once all the data is looked over and changes made we will be once again to go on a record setting assault.  The sky is the limit at TLN Motorsports and if you have ever considered supporting a racing program, drop me a message at  You will be happy you did.


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