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Friday, December 17, 2004 - 08:17:59 AM PST

Swedish Steel Ready to Defend European Championship

Reign European Dragracing Champion in Super Twin Top Fuel Bike, Anders "Charley" Karling of Täby, Sweden is defending his championship with new colors for 2002.
Swedish metal refiner Uddeholm Tooling will use the bike to display their line of High Performance Steel.
A product of which most engine parts already are fabricated from.
Charley who works as technical consult have constructed and manufactured the over 700 horsepower strong powerplant in his own workshop. Uddeholm was then an associate sponsor supplying him with the needed material. Engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods, piston pins, cylinder heads, cylinders and engine brackets are some of the major parts fabricated of Uddeholm High Performance Steel products and Alumec. This together with the fact that other major parts as frame (UCC/Karling), front end (Öhlins forks), brakes (ISR Brake Technology), clutch and transmission (Bentec), are Swedish made, makes the bike a true "Swedish Steel" product.

During the 2001 season the bike was top qualifier in all European Championship events, won two events, noted new European record and won the championship. The bikes best performance of running 0-349 km/hour in 6,48 seconds puts it as number six in world performance ranking. Notable in this performance chart is that the world record is only one tenth of a second quicker (6,38) and that all five quicker bikes have been running at top performing racetracks in USA which provides better racing conditions then European tracks.

Charley was born 1953 and started riding motorcycles in the late 60:s. He participated in his first dragrace 1985 riding his street Harley-Davidson. In 1989 he was one of the racers to found the new Super Twin Top Fuel Bike class and has been competing in it since then.
His racing career have been crowned by five Swedish championships, three European championships and numerous of event wins, one of them in USA as he won the All Harley Nationals in Indiana 1993. During February 2000 he was one of three Europeans to take part of the first Top Fuel Harley World Championship.
The race was held in Australia and invited the top performing bikes from the European, American, Canadian and Australian racing series. During the event he ran the quickest side by side race ever to take place in Australia when going 6,76 against Johnny Mancuso running 6,74.

Race plan 2002 European Championship:
1st-3rd June: Santa Pod Raceway, England
5th-7th July: Alastaro, Finland
25th-28th July: Mantorp Park, Sweden
2nd-4th August: Gardermoen Raceway, Norway
16th-18th August: Hockenheim, Germany
6th-8th September: Santa Pod Raceway, England
Please note that these dates are subject to confirmation.

Karling Super Twin Top Fuel Bike 2002 Fact Sheet

Rider: Anders "Charley" Karling
Hometown: Täby, SWEDEN
Crew: Christian Merlid, Viktoria Karling & Carina Dahl
PR/Media: Stefan Boman
Homepage webmaster: Alexander Söderberg

Engine: Supercharged Karling/Uddeholm 45° V2.
Fuel: Nitromethane.
Displacement: 113 cu. in.
Crankcase: Design H-D Sportster, +1" deck height. Material Uddeholm Alumec.
Flywheels: 8.250Ó, 4-1/2 stroke. Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Sprocket shaft: 1.500" press-in style, welded. Material Uddeholm Orvar Supreme.
Pinion shaft: 1.500"/30 mm, press-in style. Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Crankpin: 1.625" press-in style, welded. Material/heattreatment no spec.
Connecting rods: Length 7.750". Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Barrels: 4" bore, 4.250" base pattern. Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Pistons: 4" JE special made, Speed-Pro rings.
Wrist pins: Extra heavy-duty. Material Uddeholm Orvar Supreme.
Heads: Karling Racing Engines. Material Uddeholm Alumec.
Fuel consumption: 0,7 liter/sec.

Supercharger: Opcon/Autorotor screwtype blower.
Blower belt pully: Material Uddeholm Orvar Supreme.
Heads: Karling Racing Engines. Material Uddeholm Alumec.
Ignition: Dyna 4000 Super Pro.
Beltdrive: Bentec 14mm 1.25: 1.
Clutch: Bentec "BIG" 4-discs.
Clutch shaft: Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Gearbox: Bentec two-speed, 38% underdrive on low gear.
Fuel Pump: Waterman "Little Bertha".
Computer: Dyna Datalog, monitors boost, fuel-pressure, engine rpm, rear wheel rpm, clutch-slip, exhaust-temperature, battery voltage and G-force.

Frame: Charley & Viktoria Karling/Unique Custom Cycle. Chrome Moly steel..
Engine plates: Charley & Viktoria Karling. Material Uddeholm Alumec.
Fork: Öhlins w/tripletrees by Karling/Merlid.
Wheels axle: Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Rear wheel mount: Material Uddeholm Alumec.
Brakes: Front 2 x 320mm with six piston calipers, ISR.
Rear: 1 x 250mm with four piston calipers, ISR.
Wheels: Front PM 17" x 2.75", rear PM 15" x 12".
Tires: Front Michelin slicks 12/60-17, rear Good Year 32x14x15.
Body: Carbon fiber by Swe Composite,
front spoiler by Janne Gustavsson/Formtech
Rear alu spoiler, Christer Hermansson.
Paint design: Löörs Svensson.
Paint: Ivve Hallberg.

Fuel volumes: 19 liters 75-95% nitromethane. Oil tank 1,0 liters.
Wheelbase: 92-1/2" (2350 mm).
Weight: 345kg race ready excl rider.
Horsepower: Approx. 700 horsepower.

Performance: 0-100 km/h - 0,95 sec
0-200 km/h - 2,70 sec
0-300 km/h - 4,90 sec
0-349 km/h - 6,48 sec (217,17 mph)

European records:
ET 1/8 4,291
ET 1/4 6,590
TS 1/8 281
TS 1/4 332

Sponsors 2002: Uddeholm Tooling
Swecomposite Carbon fiber Harley-Davidson/Buell Sweden AB
Öhlins Racing
ISR Brake Technology
Bengtssons Smide
Mix Fix
Persåker Speedshop
Optima Batteries
Sign Craft


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