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Craig Treble

Treble Runs The Table In Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Sunday Post Race: Craig Treble and the Matco Tools / Nitro Fish Pro Stock Bike team completed a clean sweep in Las Vegas, with the final round victory over defending NHRA POWERade champion Angelle Savoie.

After first claiming the No. 1 qualifying position at the AC Delco Las Vegas NHRA Nationals, Treble ran low ET three of the last four rounds of eliminations, re-set the Las Vegas Motor Speedway record for Pro Stock Bikes, then finished with his first POWERade event championship of the season.

“I can’t tell you how good this feels to pick up the win here in Vegas, it’s just been a great weekend all around,” explained Treble about his sixth career event championship. “We have been working like dogs all season and we just felt like this one was a long time coming, it all came together today.”

Treble won the Vegas title on the third different bike the Matco Tools team has run this season, not one of the new Kosman bikes he has been testing and refining throughout 2003, instead it was and old piece that was sitting in the corner of the shop at Vance & Hines. “Matt Hines let me take his ’02 bike out and dust it off, and that really was the key to this win. I’ve got to thank the whole Vance & Hines team for their help and support, I really appreciate it all.”

“I knew the bike was fast in qualifying, and when we didn’t run fast we knew exactly what to do to correct it for the next pass.” Said Craig. “I think if we would have ran this bike at sea level we just might have been able to capture the first spot Mickey Thompson Six Second Club which is worth $10,000. As it is we had a great day and have nothing but happy people back at the Matco Tools / Nitro Fish trailer.”

The bike may have been old, but wrapped in new Nitro Fish vinyl; the Treble bike was nearly untouchable in Las Vegas. After first round opponent Joe DeSantis broke on the line, the Matco Tools / Nitro Fish bike speed to low ET in ever round that followed. “In the second round we were fast, but then the air got even better and we were fortunate enough the set the track record in the semi’s.” Commented Craig.

Treble had lane choice for the final round, which on paper had the team with a huge performance advantage over Savoie. “It looks that way from the outside but Angelle is a three time NHRA World Champion, and you just don’t take it for granted that you will both run the same as you did last round, not this season.”

In the final, Craig nearly matched his track record semi-final run of 7.165 with a winning 7.178 / 185, to Savoie’s improved but slower 7.230 / 188 mph. “It’s been too long since we had a whole mile of good runs on Sunday, but today was our day. We made the right calls at the right time and now we have the Vegas Wally to show for it.”
“We had some Matco Tools distributors here all weekend, some Nitro Fish people of course, and many other friends and family that get to share in this win. We probably won’t call it a night until we see the sun come up here in Las Vegas.”

The win raised Craig Treble to No. 6 on the 2003 NHRA POWERade Pro Stock Bike Championship points sheet with one race left on the schedule, the season ending Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals in Pomona California.Visit the Craig Treble Matco Tools Pro Stock Bike web site to find results, pictures, and information before and after every NHRA POWERade national event.

Craig Treble Takes Top Spot In Vegas Qualifying

Las Vegas – Saturday Pit Note: For the second time this season, Craig Treble has put his Matco Tools / Nitro Fish Suzuki in the No 1 spot on the NHRA POWERade Pro Stock Bike Qualifying ladder.

Treble led all qualifiers at the Third annual AC Delco Las Vegas NHRA Nationals, running a 7.246 / 182.82 MPH in the Saturday morning session, then followed with another strong pass of 7.261 / 185.72 MPH in the final session Saturday afternoon.

“Our second pass actually had a better 60 foot time, and I thought we were going to run even faster on that that pass. Instead I ended up riding it a bit more than I wanted to and that killed a bit of ET on that run. We ran pretty good today and I feel great about going into eliminations tomorrow morning.” Explained Treble.

“I want to thank Matt Hines for loaning his Vance & Hines bike to our team, obviously it’s a great piece and works extremely well, I’m feel real comfortable on the bike,” Said Craig. “If we can get one mile of good runs out of this Matco Tools / Nitro Fish bike tomorrow, we’ll have no problem celebrating here in Vegas tomorrow night.”

Craig Treble Has Ace Up His Sleeve In Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Friday Pit Note: In Las Vegas, the game is the same whether you play it in the casinos, or at the racetrack. Attempt to play the game with the odds in your favor.

At the AC Delco Las Vegas Nationals, Craig Treble is using his years of racing as a professional to combine skill, knowledge, and determination to put his Matco Tools / Nitro Fish Pro Stock Bike in the winner's circle on Sunday. But since this is Vegas, it always helps to have an Ace up your sleeve, some proven commodity to help put the odds in your favor, something you can take bet on, like a championship caliber Vance & Hines Pro Stock Bike.

Underneath the new Nitro Fish vinyl, is the Vance & Hines bike of Matt "The Missile" Hines, who is concentrating on the V&H Harley-Davidson projects this season instead of playing his usual role as 'Championship Contender'. "We've decided to try and finish out this season as strong as possible, and running Matt's bike seemed like a great thing to do. Matt has put this bike on the pole a few times, and won a couple of races with it so I know what its potential is," commented Treble on running the 3 time NHRA POWERade Pro Stock Bike champions bike.

Craig Treble put the Matco Tools / Nitro Fish Bike in the No. 3 spot in Fridays first qualifying session at "The Strip" on the strength of a 7.329 182. The team finished the day in the No. 9 spot with two qualifying sessions remaining Saturday.

"I have always run Vance and Hines motors and have a great relationship with that team. We share information with them often and I think the world of Byron Hines. Byron has helped my program from the first day I showed up trying to run Pro Stock Bike and didn't really know much except that I really wanted to do this." Said Treble. "As far as running this Nitro Fish bike goes, Matt understands this bike and what makes it work. If we can mesh that together with our program in a real short amount of time, we just may have some success with it here in Vegas."

Craig Treble and Nitro Fish, Hungry For A Win In Las Vegas

Las Vegas - Pre Race: This weekends annual stop on the 2003 NHRA POWERade tour always promises something a bit different and exciting, if for no other reason than it's Las Vegas baby. If history is any indication of what is possible for Craig Treble and the Matco Tools Pro Stock Suzuki, then the odds are better than ever for a return to the NHRA POWERade winner's circle on Sunday.

Treble will be unveiling a special paint scheme in Vegas, a unique combination of Matco Tools and Nitro Fish Ultimate Gear Sports Wear. "It's loud man, a mean green fish that's ready to eat. I love it," commented Craig on the addition of Nitro Fish to the Matco Tools Suzuki team. "Traditionally we have done pretty good when we have a new or special paint scheme, it would be great if that held true again here in Vegas."

Not content to just rely on paint to win at the AC Delco Las Vegas Nationals, the Matco Tools team recently conducted pre-race testing at Treble's home track Firebird International Raceway in Chandler Arizona. "We clicked off some numbers that made us pretty happy, I think we're ready for 'The Strip' in Las Vegas."

With the 2003 POWERade season winding down to its last two events, Craig Treble says that his objective is still the same. "We race every event like it is the beginning of the season, like we are rolling into Gainesville, our mission is to win at every event. We have a fast bike, a very experienced crew, and lots of data on how to get our Pro Stock Bike down the track, the trick is to have everything working just right and pull off a win"

If there has been anything that the 2003 season has proven, it is that the NHRA POWERade Pro Stock Bike class has become more competitive and challenging then ever. "In seasons past there were always 3 or 4 different riders who could qualify on top or win an event, and that was about it, but this year we have had new riders in both those positions, and that has made this class even tougher than ever. I think it is easy to see that the whole Pro Stock Bike class has moved forward in '03"

"This year, if you miss the tree, you are done. You miss the tune up, the clutch, or any other variable you are dead meat. None of these Pro Stock bike riders are going to let you slide by and win a round this year, you have to get in there and fight for it, you have to take it. At the start of the season I commented that they (fellow racers) were all piranha's, and they are, but for the rest of this season, I have the big, hungry, nasty fish on my bike, and we are hungry for a win."

Visit the Craig Treble Matco Tools Pro Stock Bike web site to find results, pictures, and information before and after every NHRA POWERade national event.

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