NHRA Motorcycle Division 7 – April 7-9 Race Results

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NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Series

NHRA Motorcycle Division 7
Las Vegas Motor Speedway 
April 7-9 Race Results 

NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing series

The second race of the season for the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing series was April 7th to 9th at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The forecast was for temps in the 70’s but windy. They had that correct! Thankfully it was a tailwind most of the weekend with gusts up to 50mph.

For the first round of qualifying on Friday, April 7th, seven bikes showed up. Las Vegas racer, Kahea Woods finished at the top with a .016 reaction time. In the second round later in the day, Jay Thompson, Whitman, AZ, took over the number one spot with a .012 reaction time on his ’73 Kawasaki KZ. Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City, UT, took over the number two spot with a .014 and Kahea Woods time from the first round put him in the number three spot. The NHRA did allow a cleanup run on Friday and a couple of more riders showed up to take advantage. Larry Mota, Orem, UT moved into the top five with a ..017 for fourth place on his ’09 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 and Rick Newport was fifth with a .021.

Saturday, April 8th would only see one qualifying run for the Sportsman Motorcycles. Kahea Woods took the #1 qualifying spot with a nice .003. The rest of the top five didn’t improve.

Final qualifying standings:
1 7530 Kahea Woods, Las Vegas NV, ’95 GSXR 0.003
2 728 Jay Thompson, Whittman AZ, ’73 Suzuki 0.012
3 78 Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City UT, ’12 Kawasaki 0.014
4 L770 Larry Mota, Orem UT, ’09 Suzuki 0.017
5 73 Rick Newport, Bluffdale UT, ’95 Suzuki 0.021
6 75 Ron Alves, Colusa CA, ’80 Kawasaki 0.031
7 7876 Jeff Maddox, Lake Havasu City AZ, ’06 H-D 0.034
8 755 John Coburn, Mesa AZ, ’96 Buell 0.043
9 7211 Ryan Kruger, Taylorsville UT, ’09 Kawasaki 0.046
10 714 Shawn Conner, Boulder City NV, ’01 Hayabusa 0.063
11 793 Jeff Durfey, West Jordan UT, ’10 Kawasaki 0.081
12 772 David Wheeler, Murray UT, ’06 Kawasaki -0.012

Race day on Sunday, April 9th saw the temperature drop almost 10 degrees to 68 degrees F and a wind shift. Now it was a head wind but not as strong, 10-15mph.

First Round:

The first pair out was Kahea Woods vs Jeff Maddox, Lake Havasu City, AZ. Kahea would be the winner running 8.686 at 143.57mph on his 8.65 dial in. Jeff had the better reaction time (.051 vs .076) but couldn’t run the number (9.40) and ran 9.502 at 136.12mph on the Harley Destroyer.

Ron Alves won on a redlight by Dave “Wheels” Wheeler. Dave had an -.056 red. Ron ran it out to a 8.222 at 160.88mph on the 8.16 dial in. Dave ran 9.852 at 140.20mph on the 9.77 dial.

Rick Newport had a nice .006 reaction time to defeat fellow Rocky Mountain Raceway racer Jeff Durfey. Durfey couldn’t run the number and ran 9.542 at 137.58mph on the 9.34 dial. Rick ran 8.711 at 130.25mph off the throttle.

In a battle of Suzuki streetbikes, Larry Mota, came out on top bettering local racer Sean Conner on his Hayabusa. Larry used his reaction time advantage (.027 vs .270) to force Sean into his breakout. He ran 10.756 at 138.05mph on the 10.89 dial. Larry ran 9.991 at 138.10mph on the 9.89 dial in time.

Two of the Arizona riders met up with Jay Thompson defeating John Coburn, Mesa, AZ. Jay had a slight reaction time advantage (.017 to .018) and ran off the throttle, 9.841 at 124.55mph on his 9.60. John slowed on the Buell dragbike to 11.038 at 116.00mph on the 10.78 dial.

Kirk Walton had the competition bye run when Taylorville, UT and RMR racer, Ryan Kruger couldn’t make the call with a broken bike.

Second round:

Kirk Walton took the stripe by .0070 seconds with a .014 reaction time to Ron’s .068 to force Ron Alves to a breakout. Ron ran 8.147 at 148.33mph on the 8.16 dial. Kirk ran 10.314 at 121.21mph on the 10.28 dial in.

After a bit of a long staging duel, Kahea Woods used his .020 vs Larry Mota’s .087 light to defeat Larry with a 8.721 at 143.89mph (8.63 dial) to a 10.014 at 137.23mph (9.94 dial).

Jay Thompson got a great .008 light to Rick Newport’s .031 but broke out with a 9.745 at 118.95mph run on the 9.80 dial. Rick ran 8.541 at 146.38mph on the 8.49.

Kahea Woods earns the bye run into the finals.

Kahea Woods, near lane in the final vs teammate Rick Newport


The headwind died down at the last minute and caused some dial in problems for the Rocky Mountain Raceway racers. Rick Newport took the reaction time advantage (.034 vs .054) to win in a double breakout race. Rick ran 8.470 at 154.03mph on the 8.51 dial. Kirk ran 10.208 at 131.51mph on the 10.27 dial.

No problem for Kahea Woods who ran 8.688 at 147.94mph on the 8.67 dial.


The final would have the two teammates going against each other on the Suzuki drag bikes.

Kahea Woods had the reaction time advantage over Rick Newport (.015 vs .030) but the bike just didn’t run close to the number. He ran 8.823 at 149.40mph on his 8.67 dial-in time. Rick cruised past at 8.569 at 145.45mph on the 8.47 dial in time.

Rick Newport winner and runner-up Kahea Woods

Newport was quoted “What a great way to start the season. Thank you, Kahea Woods, for all of your hard work. This was a great race for our team. Thanks, World Wide Bearings, Thanks, Brisk Spark Plugs, Thanks Racepak.”

Woods added “Great weekend for Newport / Woods Motorsports. Raced my teammate in the finals came up a little short. Good job Rick Thank you to all that support us

  • Dave Conforti / Worldwide Bearings
  • Bill Robinson / Robinson Industries
  • Martin / Bret Brisk Usa sparkplugs
  • Torco USA SR-5R Racing Oils
  • George Babor / BPM Racing
  • Rick Canning / CP Pistons
  • Laurie Dunlap / Web Camshafts
  • Mike Judson / Mickey Thompson tires
  • Don Higgins / Crew Chief Pro

Mostly Jeff Foster and Mike Rice for all your hard work, putting on a great race, as always.”

Kahea was also awarded the “Best Appearing” of the race from NHRA D7 director Mike Rice. So congratulations to Kahea and Primo Customs (Rick Primeau)!

Thanks to Bob Johnson Photography for the photos this weekend. Please visit his website for all the pictures this weekend. http://bobjohnson.zenfolio.com/p42408832

The current NHRA Pacific Division points are up, CLICK HERE,  Sportsman Motorcycle is the last category at the bottom of the page.

Next race is May 19-21 at Auto Club Dragway at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

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