Ransom Holbrook / H&H Racing and the World’s Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle Mid-Season Racing Report

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Ransom Holbrook / H&H Racing and the World’s Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle Mid-Season Racing Report

The 2017 Land Speed Racing season has begun with some changes on the east coast. The ECTA, East Coast Timing Association, has taken a 1 year hiatus to find another track to hold its series of events which has placed racers on the hunt for new venues to compete.

The first event that Ransom Holbrook and H&H Racing attended was the Arkansas Mile held at Bytheville, AR sponsored by The U.S. Mile organization. The 3-day June event could easily be summed up by one word, wind. The first day of the event found Ransom Holbrook doing mandatory license runs that is required by all new participates in the U.S. Mile Events. The second day saw a 209 mph on a planned 210 mph run with the 10 mph crosswind. This 209 pass was the final one needed by Ransom for the U.S. mile AA license so he could be allowed to run on the nitrous Hayabusa at full power. However, the rest of that day was plagued by electrical issues which was not resolved until racing was over for that day. The 3rd and final day of the event found that the crosswind had picked up even more and was in the 15-20 mph range. But it was time to brave the wind and let the hammer fall on the world’s fastest nitrous motorcycle.

Ransom left the line strong and passed the ¼ marker at 164 mph. At the half the Hayabusa really woke up and blew through the ½ mile marker at 206 mph. It was looking like it was going to be another strong run, but mother nature had other plans. Right past the ½ mile, a strong side wind gust pushed the nitrous bike to the edge of the track where Ransom had to back off. After a few seconds of wrestling with the bike and scrubbing off 20 mph, he managed to get the bike straight enough to get back on the throttle right past the ¾ mile marker running through the 1 mile traps at a speed of 228.1 mph. Far short of the bikes typical mid-240s, but still good enough to be the fastest nitrous pass and second fastest motorcycle pass of the entire event.

The second event for Ransom was the annual Loring Timing Associations’ “Maine Event”. The annual 5 day July event is held, way up north, at the retired Loring Airforce base near Cairbou, Maine. This event provides racers with official speeds at the 1 and 1.5 mile mark with the opportunity to set track records based on class. Ransom showed up at the event with 2 bikes that H&H Racing had prepared, the nitrous Hayabusa and the new to land speed racing a street legal “all motor” 2007 Hayabusa. After closely looking at the weather forecast, it was decided that the first 2 days of the event would be dedicated to testing, dialing in, and running the “all motor” Hayabusa and later when the wind calmed down it would be the nitrous bike’s turn. The “all motor” Hayabusa had been in the works for a couple of years and was the culmination of H&H Racing experiences on and off the track. The relatively small 1340 cc engine had produced surprisingly high horsepower readings on the dyno and it was time to find out if the engine design was going to live up to those numbers. After a few test runs, it was evident that the bike was something special with each run being faster than the one before.

Running with the OEM fairings into a crossing headwind on the second day Ransom managed to take the “all motor” Hayabusa to a 215 mph 1-mile and a 223 mph 1.5-mile trap speeds. With allowable class changes, the “all motor” Hayabusa set 3 records that day within the very competitive classes and ended up being the fastest “all motor” bike at the event. Then on Friday, with nearly a neutral wind, it was the nitrous bike’s turn at the 1.5 mile track. On the first run full nitrous pass, something strange happened to the bike; when the nitrous ramped up the bike took a hard turn left in 3rd gear, at about 160 mph. Ransom returned to the pits to check a plethora settings and measurements, but to no avail. He returned to the track that afternoon and did a pass with the lowest amount of nitrous his system could spray. Ransom trapped the 1-mile at 203.6 and the 1.5-mile at 213.4, but reported back that the bike was still pulling hard to the left. Further extensive investigation of the bike showed no visible issues, the 2000 model Hayabusa just didn’t drive straight. Saturday came and Ransom tried several passes with no nitrous, with minimal nitrous, and with full spray with all the same results. The bike still pulled hard to the left: the more the spray, the harder the pull. Sometimes, you must take 1 step back to take 2 steps forward. The bright spot in the nitrous bike runs; while the 241 mph 1-mile and the 252 1.5-mile was not improved upon from last year, the bike was still fast enough to set 2 records and was the fastest nitrous bike at the event. I’m sure Ransom will be relentless on finding the issue when he returns to H&H Racing in Lexington, KY.

The next event planned for Ransom Holbrook and the H&H Racing Nitrous Hayabusa is the Shift-S3ctor ½ mile rolling race event in Marion, Indiana on August 19th.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for this year:

  • Brock’s Performance for the exhaust, engine components, and general support.
  • Ignite Race Fuel-for the best race fuel in the business.
  • Wizard’s of NOS- for the only nitrous system to use.
  • Kibblewhite Precision Machining-for the White Diamond Valves, the only ones to use on a nitrous bike.
  • Galfer USA-for the brake calipers which are second to none.
  • Alisyn Oil-for the outstanding motorcycle race oils.
  • Vortex-EX- for the many, many sprockets and track components.
  • Tiger Racing-for front LSR race fenders and chain guards.
  • Worldwide Bearings-for the hidden horsepower.
  • Rider’s Discount- for all the safe racing apparel and helmets.

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