Rick Eaton Rejoins Man Cup in Hopes to Regain Points Lead

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Rick Eaton Rejoins Man Cup In North Carolina This Weekend, Hopes To Regain Points Lead

We have been building engines, tuning bikes and trying different gearing and chassis combinations. Both bikes are running fast right now and we are happy.

We have no idea what to expect as far as the track surface goes but we have both bikes set up on the aggressive side. We are hoping the new racing surface at Galot will hold the power both hike are making without detuning.

2017 has been pretty much flawless on all levels for our team. We have won several events including the Manufacturer’s Cup season opener in Georgia earlier this year. We held the points lead until we missed he Memphis, Tennessee event, but we are only a few rounds behind going into this weekend. We still have a shot at the ManCup title. Parts breakage has been minimal, we have been consistently tough everywhere we went, and the rider hasn’t made very many mistakes in 2017.

We are also #1 in NHRA points currently. The 2017 season started so strong that we are now in a position to accomplish a rare feat as we pass the halfway point … we are hoping to win both the NHRA and ManCup World Championships in the same year.

After this weekend’s trip to North Carolina we will be taking a week off before returning to Immokalee, Florida to battle the cars … with our bikes. We are just outside of the top 10 in IHRA points against the cars. The dragster and doorslammer drivers are tough to beat but we are doing well at every venue at the moment, including the car events.

None of this would be possible without JD Kittredge and his wife Denise, my brother Chuck Eaton, Steve Poneleit, Ralph and Thomas Hester, Claude Debonis, Roy and Candy Hagadorn, Jay Regan, Dave Schnitz, and last but never least… our Crew Chief … Lulu.

We would also like to thank our newest sponsor for 2017, The Gulf Coast Real Estate website www.buyveniceflorida.com. They have made it possible for us to run an expanded tour this year which includes this weekend’s event in North Carolina. We would also like to thank Dan Rudd and MPS, Eric Hochstedler and MTC Engineering, and our transmission experts at MRE in Clearwater, Florida. We would also like to thank the Venice, Florida based companies that keep us rolling along…South County Motorcycles, Pit Stop Auto Repair and AAMCO.

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