RMR Summit ET Motorcycle Series : NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Race 5 & 6

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Summit ET Harley-Davidson of Salt Lake City
Screamin’ Eagle Motorcycle/Snowmobile class
Rocky Mountain Raceways
September 23, 2017

NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Race 5 and 6

Well it took awhile with the rain delays but by Monday morning the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, races #5 and 6 in Salt Lake at RMR had most of the racing done. I say most since a couple of the classes will finish in November in Las Vegas. But Sportsman Motorcycle was one that finished on Monday. The big winner was Vancouver, WA racer Cody Cumpton. He ended up sweeping both races! Congratulations to him and Angii for a great weekend.

First of all thanks to the RMR crew and the NHRA crew for getting the track in great shape despite the rain and cold temps. The test and tune was about 20 degrees warmer on Wednesday than for the first qualifying on Thursday. We ended up getting both qualifying runs in on Thursday before the rain came. Larry Mota was #1 qualifier with a nice .001, Mike Cragun was next with a .016, and Cody Cumpton with a .019. We only had 12 show up for race #1 so it was a four round race.

In round one, Cody Cumpton had an easy win against Kirk Walton when he did a wheelie and got out of the groove spun hard and let off. Cody got video of it and it’s on YouTube, so thanks for that Cody!

Ryan Kruger defeated Ted Stufflebeam, Jr. when TJ redlighted by -.051. Ryan ran it out to a 9.382@143.12mph on the 9.34 dial.

The closest race of the round, was Mike Cragun vs. Rick Newport. Mike ran right on his number with a 10.480@124.77mph with a .025 reaction against Rick’s breakout on the 8.59 dial with 8.586@152.87mph. Chris Dake got a great finish line picture of them looking over at each other. http://www.crdnow.com/2017/div_7_race1/content/CRD_6346_large.html

All of the pics from the weekend are up at Creative Resource and Design website: http://www.crdnow.com/2017_index.html

Bob Johnson will have his up later this week at www.bobjohnsonphotography.com

Jeff Durfey took the breakout win against Larry Mota. Jeff ran 9.724@136.52mph on the 9.70 dial to Larry’s 10.142@131.90mph on the 10.18 dial. Reaction times were .081 to .095.

Eric Jaquith, Queen Creek, AZ got the win on his ’06 Hayabusa when Bryon Kissel, Littleton, CO, redlighted his ’98 Honda CBR by -.092.

Ron Alves, Colusa, CA took his ’80 Kawasaki turbo over Dave ‘Wheels’ Wheeler with a double breakout race. Ron ran 8.121@157.95mph on the 8.18 dial vs. Dave’s 9.695@133.31mph on the 9.80 dial. Ron had the reaction time advantage .062 to .101.

In the quarterfinal round, Cody Cumpton got the reaction time advantage (.049 to .081) against Ryan Kruger to force a breakout. Cody ran right on his dial (9.13) with a 2, 9.132@135.33mph to Ryan’s 9.302@140.82mph on the 9.35 dial in time.

Ron Alves also ran dead on (with a 7), 8.187@152.02mph to Mike’s 10.494@124.41mph on the 10.46. Reaction times were close with Mike getting the slight advantage .035 vs .038.

Eric Jaquith beat when Jeff Durfey broke out. Eric ran .174 reaction with a 9.827@137.67mph on the 9.78 vs. Jeff’s numbers, .229 9.678@134.14mph on the 9.70 dial.

In the semifinals, Ron Alves left WAY too early (-.369) to give Cody Cumpton the win. Eric Jaquith had the bye run to the final running 9.753@137.57mph on the 9.76 dial.

In the final round, Cody Cumpton used the reaction time advantage (.077 vs .098) and ran 9.202@130.15mph on the 9.16 to Eric Jaquith’s

9.782@136.86mph on the 9.74 dial in.

For race #2, we ended up picking up a few more racers for a total of 20. The problem was the forecast for the weekend. It looked like more rain on Saturday night and all day Sunday. So the decision was to run race #2 without any qualifying runs, straight into eliminations.

Cody Cumpton took on John Evans but John’s bike pulled through the beams on the 2step. 9.091@139.62mph was the run for Cody on the 9.12.

Mo Rider took the reaction time advantage on Larry Mota, .046 vs .059 and needed to it and ran 8.967@141.97mph on the 8.95, Larry runs right on with a 10.135@134.95mph (10.13).

Ryan Kruger takes a big starting line advantage (.050 vs .131) against Eric Jaquith and runs 9.421@128.44mph on the 9.32, to Eric’s 9.760@138.37mph on the 9.70.

Craig Jensen cruised to a win when Byron Kissel redlighted by -.049.

Keith Jensen won a double breakout race with Ted Stufflebeam, Jr. (TJ) with a reaction time advantage .020 to .172. Keith ran 10.063@119.22mph on the 10.12, TJ’s numbers, 11.432@117.38mph on the 11.49.

Jeff Durfey gets the breakout win over Cheyanne Duvall with a run of .109 reaction and a 9.768@133.49mph on the 9.70 to .187 reaction and a 9.969@127.33mph on the 10.00.

Bryan Duvall ended up running right on the dial with a .048, 10.083@124.79mph. Tim Skougard had the bike die on the line for no time.

Bud Price and Kirk Walton had a close race. .055 reaction and ran right on the dial 10.162@135.11mph to Bud’s .060, 10.217@124.63mph.

Rick Newport gets the win when Ron Alves redlights (-.122). Rick runs it out at 8.524@154.21mph on the 8.59 dial.
Mike Cragun also gets a redlight win vs Dave “Wheels” Wheeler (-.369). Mike ran 10.427@126.05mph on the 10.49 dial.

In the second round, Keith Jensen redlights by -.028 giving me the win.

Cody Cumpton wins when Mo Rider breaks out by -.004. Cody ran 9.131@128.40mph (9.10 dial) with a .072 reaction vs Mo’s .117 8.976@149.77mph on the 8.98.

Mike Cragun and Ryan Kruger had a double breakout with Mike running .011 10.398@126.67mph (10.44) to Ryan’s .066 9.305@139.70mph (9.36).

Jeff Durfey wins on a redlight by Rick Newport, with a -.001. Jeff runs it out with a 9.710@139.01mph on the 9.73 dial.

Craig Jensen was slower on the tree to Bryan Duvall (.097 to .005) but Bryan slowed to 10.033@133.57mph on the 9.92. Craig runs right on 10.703@117.46mph on the 10.70.

In the quarterfinals, Jeff Durfey coasts to a win with a .084 9.953@103.98mph on the 9.70. Craig Jensen had a .097 11.187@122.28mph on the 10.62 dial.

Cody Cumpton beat Kirk Walton on a breakout. Walton had a huge advantage (.198 vs .080 when Cody’s glove got snagged) but misjudged the dial in time and let off but STILL broke out by .003. Cody, 9.086@138.69mph on the 9.09 vs. 10.237@119.69mph on the 10.26.

Mike Cragun had the bye run and had a nice light, .003 10.438@124.08mph on the 10.40.
Then the rains came a couple of hours early. So they called it for the night. Sunday, it rained all day, postponing the rest of racing until Monday.

On Monday, the semifinal had Jeff Durfey vs. Mike Cragun with Cody Cumpton getting the bye to the final.
Mike Cragun redlighted by just -.003 giving it to Jeff. Mike ran 10.472@125.22mph on the 10.49. Jeff ran 9.858@132.95mph on the 9.75.

In the final, Cody Cumpton took the win over Jeff Durfey to pick up his second “Wally” of the weekend. It was a double breakout race with Cody getting a slight advantage at the start with a .070 vs .096 reaction. Cody runs a 9.080@135.25mph on the 9.09 dial to Jeff’s 9.720@128.93mph on the 9.76 dial.

Complete results are at www.dragracecentral.com, thanks for their help this weekend too!

NHRA LODRS D7 Sportsman Motorcycle points are at: http://www.nhra.com/standings/2017/lucas-oil-drag-racing-series/divisional/division-7?tab=sportsman-motorcycle

Since Saturday’s “Night of Fire” with the Jet Car show was rained out, RMR is going to reschedule that for Saturday, October 14th for the fans. And will also run the “Racer Appreciation” race that was canceled two weeks ago with the jet show. They are going to try something different with everyone running in the same bracket class. Everyone gets two-time trials, and everyone four rounds of competition. $3000 purse and the most round wins gets part of the prize money. So if 8 racers go 4-0 then they each get $375 for example. Track manager, Mike Eames is going to choose the lineups in the lanes. So it should be fun. See you then!

See everyone soon!
Kirk Walton

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