RSD Street Wars : Six Events Featuring Street Bike

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Six Events Featuring Street Bike

Cars and Bikes – Cost is $50 to get in, same price for Cars or Bikes. This entry fee, covers you as the driver and your vehicle.

You will be given a Tech Card with “SW” up in the corner… which will be a number you will use for the entire year for this event.

There will be a start time of this event. Given at a later date. And can be subject to change. Due to weather or anything else due to safety issues.

Yes!! Track will Be Prepped!
No! There will Be No Road Course!
No Call Outs!! Period!!

With a $50 entry gets you a chance to win $500 with a minimum of 8 entries!  Per each class.

Rules for Bikes:

  • Heads up 1/8th mile
  • Instant Green
  • True Hand Clutch only-No Lockups- No Hand Sliders- No Sliders- No Bleeders-No Air Clutches
  • Street Tire- No Slicks
  • No Wheelie Bars
  • Bike must have plate mounted to back of bike.
  • Plate must be registered to Driver.
  • Bike Must have a working tail light.

Qualifying and Points

There will be a minimum of 1 qualifying… but we will always push for 2! Again… subject to weather and Safety. Qualifying, you ask? This will be done off your reaction time for the 2nd qualifying if there is 2.  Qualifying will earn you points and eliminations will be run off a Pro Ladder! Example… 1 races 16!

Also… so there is no issues with who gets what? As far as lane choice… all odd number qualifiers get Right Lane!

Qualifying Points

Points are earned for racing in each event! Which will be posted here after each event! At the end of the Series! A Winner will be awarded !!! Along with recognition of the others who have followed in order!

Ask how the points are figured?

Again… off of reaction times.


if there are 16 entries…

#1 will receive 16points

#2 will receive 15points

#3 will receive 14points and so on down to #16 …

If there are only 8??

#1 will only get 8points

#2 will only get 7points and so on.

If there is over 16?

Past #16 qualifier will only get 1point for qualifying.

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