TLN Motorsports : 302 Land Speed Records

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TLN Motorsports report from The Ohio Mile

TLN Motorsports returned to Wilmington, Ohio for the ECTA season closer on September 26-27th. The event featured the Brock’s Performance Streetbike Shootout. The goal at TLN Motorsports was twofold; to raise rider Greg Neal’s record total to 300 and to win a class in the Bike Shootout.

After the Harvest Event 3 weeks earlier in Loring, Maine, and the catastrophic engine failure on the team’s ZX-6R, TLN Motorsports had limited resources to use in Ohio. The only motorcycle left running in the stable was the EX-250R. The 250 is and had been a strong player and has set over 100 records. Rider Greg Neal was also able to secure a ride on the H&H Racing BMW S1000RR. The BMW was set up to run in the Production Category and the goal was to set a Production record with the bike.


Saturday morning the weather was just as predicted. There was a strong and gusty crosswind that just continued to build all day. The possibility of wind issues had been the discussion of everyone during set up and technical inspection on Friday. The crosswinds of Ohio can be a huge challenge.

The first pass was on the EX-250R and the little bike pulled hard down the course. As expected, the crosswinds really started to bounce the bike around on the big end which will always scrub off some speed. The speed through the traps was 102.5992 mph and good enough for the 1st record of the event. Rider Greg Neal commented “the wind was strong and inconsistent. In the last 200 feet, it moved the bike over 2 complete lanes”.

The next run was on the BMW. The wind had continued to build and due to the large field of entries, it was now early afternoon. The BMW launched great, but immediately started to move to the right from the wind. Greg Neal said “I spent the entire run muscling the bike back to the centerline. It killed the speed on the big end”. The BMW broke the beams with a speed of 187.8130 mph. It wasn’t a record and it was disappointing to say the least. With course holds, wind limitations and finally rain, two runs were all TLN Motorsports made on Saturday.


The forecast for Sunday was for lighter winds and more of a headwind. That just never came to be and runs began with the same crosswind as Saturday. Again, the first run of the day was made on the EX-250R. It was another clean run, but the wind again was a factor, especially on the big end. The trap speed was 105.5347 mph and that was record number 2 of the weekend. Back on the BMW, it was a now or never feeling about setting a Production record. The bike was over geared for the crosswind conditions and the wind was getting stronger with even bigger gusts than the day before. The bike left the line strong and fighting through the wind, rider Greg Neal was in a good position on the course and able to maintain a nice aero tuck through the traps for a top speed of 193.0502 mph and a new Production record. Record 3 of the event was now set which moved the total set to 300.

That pass also put them on the leader board in the Brock’s Performance Streetbike Shootout in the 1000cc Normally Aspirated class. With the ZX-6R out the only chance of keeping our streak alive of winning at least one class every year since 2008 was in jeopardy. The H&H Racing BMW even in Production configuration was strong enough to easily take the class win.


They were now only 11 records away from the goal of 311 records set, to honor the memory of Bill Warner. Bill was the greatest paved track Land Speed Racer of all time, but more than that, an awesome person and a friend to all. It is a tribute to who Bill was that he is talked about every day. If you met Bill, you will never forget him and always be better from knowing him.


They had reached their goals for the event, but decided to keep pushing toward 311. The next pass was on the 250 and they again set a new record with a speed of 103.1164 mph. The wind was becoming more and more difficult to manage, but the little bike held her own through it all for record number 4 of the event.


They had one last pass on the BMW and it seemed to go bad right from the start. A wheelie on the launch and the bike went hard to the right from the wind. Most of the pass was down the right side of the course trying to fight the wind to get back to center. While the 191.1640 mph wasn’t a new record, but for the conditions and the gearing, the H&H Racing BMW S1000RR had proved to be a very strong player in the Production class.

With conditions not improving, the decision was made for one last pass on the EX-250R. The bike pulled as strong as ever, but the wind was too much to overcome. The bike was bouncing and moving right through the traps. The trap speed was down to 102.3192 mph, but good enough for record number 5. It was time to call it a season.

In 2015, TLN Motorsports has set 137 Land Speed Racing Records, including 2 World’s Fastest speeds. It was a very successful season, the most successful ever for TLN Motorsports. The final total of 302 records leaves the team just 9 records away from the magic total of 311.


TLN Motorsports success comes from the support of the best in the business. TLN Motorsports would like to thank all of the sponsors that make our continued success possible.

Brock Davidson, Ben Knight and everyone at Brock’s Performance, Kevin Hunt and Michael Godin at KWS Motorsports, CP Pistons/Carrillo, Web Camshafts, Marine Crankshaft. Stephen Serafini and Fab U This, Val Dick and Energycoil, Dave Conforti and Worldwide Bearings, Chip Spaulding and Ballistic Performance Parts, Woolich Racing, Guy Caputo and Tiger Racing Products, Chris Brewer, Tyler Brewer and everyone at Brewer Cycles, Ralphie Navarro and Platinum General Services, Petron Plus, Shane Burton and Warp 12 Racing, David Whealon and DW Photos, Joe Timney and Donna Timney and Delaware Chassis Works, Millennium Technologies, Blackstone Tek Wheels, Vortex Racing, VP racing Fuels, ALisyn Lubricants, MagicBullet fuel treatment, Ohlin, Raptor Performance, MPS, Brandi Neithamer, and


A special thank you to Don Hass, Mark Dotson, Ransom Holbrook, Eric Roehrle, Joe Heffernan, Scott E. Jones and everyone that has assisted us in one way or another at the race track. Our success is your success. With 2015 complete, the team turns their attention to 2016 to continue the chase to 311 records. The plan is to have the EZ-250R, ZX-6R, ZX-10R, and a Fab-U-This V-max ready for the New Year. It will take a lot of work and support to make this happen. If you have questions or would like to help support our efforts you can contact them at


You can also help with the rebuilding of the World’s Fastest ZX-6R at We can’t do it without your support.


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