TLN Motorsports new Kawasaki ZX-6R continues to progress

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As the 2015 racing season approaches, so does the completion of the ZX-6R for TLN Motorsports.  It has been a long process of taking a new Kawasaki ZX-6R off the showroom floor and turning it into a World Record Land Speed Racing motorcycle.  That long process is beginning to come together as the last of the custom parts are arriving at KWS Motorsports.  We expect to have a running bike in mid-February and the final race preparations will take place in March.  The season will open in late April with the LTA event in Limestone, Maine.


Web Cams has provided us with a custom grind that will make very good power all through the rev range and be incredible on top end.  We will keep the exact specs to ourselves at this time, but as always they did an amazing job for us.  Web Camshafts has done our cam work on all of our race bikes.


Val Dick and Energycoil has provided us with coils for both the new ZX-6R and our 2008 Kawasaki EX-250R.  It will be our first year using these coils and we are so very excited about this opportunity.  TLN Motorsports has always been fortunate to have associations with the best in the business and having Energycoil as a part of our program allows us to continue that tradition.


CP Pistons-Carrillo has manufactured us a custom set of pistons and rods.  We are taking full advantage of the Land Speed 650cc class as the bike will be 649.99cc’s.  Each rod is an amazing 62 grams lighter than stock rod.  The craftsmanship of the pistons and rods is second to none.  We are so excited about these special pistons and rods because we know the results they will bring us.  This set up is similar to what we have in our X-10R and that bikes results speak for itself.


The transmission and wheels will have ceramic bearings in them that have been provided to us by Dave Conforti and Worldwide Bearings  We have ceramic bearings from Worldwide in all of our race bikes.  The friction reduction gives us a documented 3-5 mph advantage over steel bearings.  I’d never use anything else.

Woolich Racing is providing their Log Box Pro system for us to monitor and make tuning adjustments to the ZX-6R.  It is a new system for us, but we see a huge advantage to using the Log Box Pro system and are looking forward to the new system.

VP Racing Fuels will once again be fueling all of the bikes of TLN Motorsports.  MR-12 will be the fuel of choice for the new ZX-6R.  Nothing beats VP Fuel.

Vortex Racing has been a part of our team since 2008.  They have provided us with sprockets, clip-ons and rear-sets for the new bike.  All of our 166 Land Speed Racing records have been set on Vortex sprockets.


Marine Crankshafts stroked out the crank for the ZX-6R.  Perfection is the only word that comes to mind when I see their work.  Again they are the best in the business at what they do and we are so proud to be associated with them.


Brock Davidson and Brock’s Performance has been a huge part of our racing program.  This project would have never even got off of the ground without them.  They designed a fantastic exhaust system for the ZX-6R that makes great mid-range power and more on top end.  That exhaust on this engine will be a potent combination.

Alisyn Lubricants will again be the oil of choice.  Less than zero with the Petron additive has been in our engines for the past two seasons.  The results we have seen with Alisyn Lubricants can’t be beaten.

Chip Spaulding and Ballistic Performance have provided us with batteries that are second to none. Light and powerful Ballistic batteries have been a part of our race team for years.

Millennium Technologies  is doing all of the cutting on the head.  The head is the last piece we are waiting to get back.  It should be back in the shop next week.

KWS Motorsports will be doing the head porting and the engine assembly.  This Race Bike is basically KWS built.  TLN Motorsports and KWS have had a long time association that has produced tremendous results.  Calling KWS Motorsports the horsepower home of the south does them an injustice.  They have work come to them from all over the world.  It’s simple, results is the reason why.


Brewer Cycles of Henderson, NC helped us out with getting the bike.  It only looked like the day it came off the showroom floor for a few days.  The ZX-6R will be a completely different beast when the racing season starts.

Guy Caputo and Tiger Racing Products has been a supporter of TLN Motorsports for many years. They provide us with chain guards, inner fenders and aero front finders.  The wind tunnel numbers like the Tiger Racing front fender.

Joe Timney and Delaware Chassis Works is the fabricator of choice for our racing team.  If we need something built we turn to them and we have never been disappointed. Like many of our sponsors, they are racers serving racers. has kept our story alive and always been there when we needed some help along the way.  Without our story being told we would not be able to do what we do.  Our success can be directly attributed to the coverage we have received by them.

We are excited that Tucker Rocky is providing us with a Go Pro Black to document our racing efforts in 2015.  Look for video from the Tucker Rocky Cam from us in the future.

David Whealon of DW Photos continues to support us with motorsports photography that is simply as good as it comes.  There is no one better than David.  His shots are like going to the wind tunnel.  I learn something from every photo he takes.

We should have dyno numbers to compare to the baseline runs within a month.  We are very excited about this motorcycles potential and what the 2015 racing season will bring.  Our now retired 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6rr was a monster.

– 84 National Land Speed Records set.

– 1st Standing Mile N/A 650cc Class Land Speed Motorcycle over 180 mph.

– 1st Standing 1.5 Mile N/A 650cc Class Land Speed Motorcycle over 190 mph.

– 5 time Street Bike Shootout Champion.

– 5 World Record Speeds.

We are very confident that the new ZX-6R will be even stronger.  The baseline dyno numbers were huge, 122 RWHP totally stock and 135 RWHP with the Brock’s Performance exhaust on MR-12 fuel.  2015 will be an exciting time at TLN Motorsports.

We hope to soon have an announcement about a new sponsor and some of the best race bodywork in the industry.  While we have received so much help from the best sponsors in the business, we are always seeking more help in our chase for speed.  We stand 86 records away from our goal of setting 250 Land Speed Racing Records.  We expect to bump our 650cc Worlds Fastest Speeds and again redefine the middleweight Land Speed Racing class.  If you have any interest in joining our history making efforts contact us at You will be happy you did.  We have the reputation of being the hardest working team in Land Speed Racing.  We work just as hard for our sponsors.

We at TLN Motorsports are proud supporters of Wounded Warrior Project   We can never forget those who gave so much for us.

We also support The Austin Hatcher Foundation  We can end pediatric cancer.

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