1 Stop Speed – New Owners, Same Great Service

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1 Stop Speed

New Owners, Same Great Service

Customer service has & always will be a definitive attribute for 1 Stop Speed. It’s one of the founding principles that has contributed to the successful rise of the company over the last 5 years. It’s no secret that Mike Belo has been looking to transfer ownership of his well-known company, but the process took longer than expected as he sought to find owners that shared the company’s core principles.

Jonathan Pollock

Jonathan Pollock

The wait is finally over as Ryan “RJ” Bonitatis & Jonathan Pollock fit the profile perfectly. As racers themselves, they know the importance of transparency & customer service when it comes to performance products. The duo of Pollock & Bonitatis will continue to offer the same great service & products through 1 Stop Speed that made it a popular choice for motorcycle drag racers & street riders alike. In addition to understanding the needs of their customers & importance of quality products, they will continue to search & add innovative product lines.

What does this mean for the current & future 1 Stop Speed customer? Well, it means you can expect uninterrupted service from your fellow racer run performance business. It also means you can expect to see RJ & Jonathan continuing to bring 1 Stop Speed to the drag strip through their own racing programs (much like Belo did), while also offering product support.

Ryan “RJ” Bonitatis

“It was a very simple concept and yet it even surprised me with the results. The main goal was to offer unparalleled customer service and our results speak for themselves. 1 Stop Speed literally started in my garage and grew to occupy part of our Premier Powersports Dealership. I want to give a huge thanks to all of our customers throughout our first 5 years of business. You can trust that RJ & Jonathan will continue to push the company forward with the same great service. Also, I can’t forget Richard Gadson & Jeremy Teasley for riding our shop builds and flying the banner high over that time as well (thanks guys!),” said Mike Belo.

Richard Gadson Mike Belo 1 Stop Speed Hayabusa

If any current customers have questions you can certainly still contact Mike Belo, along with being able to reach Ryan “RJ” Bonitatis directly by emailing him at rj@1stopspeed.com. Be on the lookout for the recently completed “Drama” Hayabusa, a custom bike build collaboration between Belo & Pollock as it fly’s the 1 Stop Speed banner at drag strips across the country.

You can browse the wide selection of quality performance products at www.1stopspeed.com

1 Stop Speed